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seconds topic: which pokemon will become your slave forever

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User Info: fakefire

3 years ago#1
0: Pikachu
1: Skarmory
2: Klefki
3: Voltorb
4: Lopunny
5: Sandslash
6: Shauna
7: Pidgey
8: Mr.Mime
9: Abra
10: Gardevoir
11: Diglett
12: Raichu
13: Dugtrio
14: Tyrantrum
15: Ditto
16: Cynthia
17: Aggron
18: Machamp
19: Grimer
20: Talonflame
21: Aegislash
22: Dragonite
23: Garchomp
24: Serena
25: Alakazam
26: Metagross
27: Garbodor
28: Dunsparce
29: Blastoise
30: Delphox
31: Hiker
32: Geodude
33: Lanturn
34: Hitmonchan
35: Starmie
36: Slurpuff
37: Machop
38: Goldeen
39: Golem
40: Gengar
41: Mewtwo
42: Tauros
43: Salamence
44: Genesect
45: Valerie
46: Quagsire
47: Ho-oh
48: Xerneas
49: Ratatta
50: Spiritomb
51: Zygarde
52: Furret
53: Shroomish
54: Torterra
55: Zubat
56: Illumise
57: Heatmor
58: Meganium
59: Nidoking

User Info: Solar20xx

3 years ago#2
Furret. Those things are ugly.
Crap, I edit a lot.
Sometimes even serious times have their funny moments:

User Info: Vycoul

3 years ago#3
Here I go...
Thank God for inner monologue. ~ Miles Edgeworth

User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#4
I don't know.

Machop. OK, I guess.
Rotom: 3308-5985-4794

User Info: omgitsjustme

3 years ago#5
Gardevoir. If I have to look at something forever, I might as well look at something pretty
Also, s** slave
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Ground safari: Camerupt, Phanpy, Diggersby

User Info: sumuthergamer

3 years ago#6
Let's see now

Edit: Aegislash! I shall wield it with honor.
Edit again: I was confused for a minute about why people's time wasn't matching up with what Pokemon they got. Turns out that when you edit a post, it updates the time on it too. So my edit gave me Talonflame. So now I'll be riding a giant fiery falcon while weilding a mystical ghostly sword. Amazing. Wonder what this edit will give me.
sumuthergamer = some other gamer. Get it?
Call me "gamer", not "sumu"...

User Info: Verkins

3 years ago#7

User Info: NihiloExistant

3 years ago#8

Edit: Machop. Well, I guess it can do hard labor or something.
A void, the proud and sinister dream of being nothing, of being always something other than I am.

User Info: Donniedonz

3 years ago#9
~ Donnie ~
Lost Kingdoms II was arguably the greatest game of its decade, I say.

User Info: R3MIX3D

3 years ago#10
plz give me shauna
White FC: 1635 4350 9443
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