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Wait wait wait, mega alakazam has better stats than mega gengar?

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  3. Wait wait wait, mega alakazam has better stats than mega gengar?

User Info: Caolan_2k9

3 years ago#1
What's with the extremely popular Mega gengar then? And the uncommon Mega alakazam?
Mega alakazam has has better speed and special attack, which is what Mega gengar is used for. They're both glass canons but alakazam seems to do the job better?

User Info: ShinyToyPaladin

3 years ago#2
Mega Gengar prevents the opponent from switching out.
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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#3
ShinyToyPaladin posted...
Mega Gengar prevents the opponent from switching out.

Plus, better typing ;)
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User Info: MegaMage3003

3 years ago#4
Mega-zam still dies when you poke him.

User Info: TheForevergelo

3 years ago#5
I think it is mostly because of the abilities they get
Alakazam gets Trace, which is extremely situational
Gengar gets Shadow Tag, which is very good with something like Perish Song

Also Gengar has a slightly better typing and movepool in my opinion
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User Info: Chaosxxxsoul

3 years ago#6
Doesn't matter to me, they both get OHKO by a Mega-Banette shadow sneak.
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User Info: Singerton

3 years ago#7
Shadow Tag is on par with Intimidate, Magic Guard, and Levitate for Top-Tier abilities. These abilities are universally useful on anything that gets them, and provide absolutely no drawbacks.

Trace is a Mid-Tier ability, much like Hustle or No Guard. These are abilities that are generally great, but can be situational, and can even negatively affect the user.

Ghost and Poison Stab are also much better offensively than Psychic Stab. Alakazam gets 5BP+ over Gengar, which is completely negligible when we're talking 170+ Sp. Atk stats.

Gengar also gets two immunities with which he can use to switch in. Alakazam may be able to switch into SR, but he has no safe switch-ins. When they're both extremely frail, and neither can afford to take even neutral attacks, it helps to have any immunities. Alakazam also has 5BP- under Gengar, but this is again negligible as they both die to unresisted hits.

Mega Gengar has Shadow Tag. This is the ultimate singles synergistic ability. After MegaGengar KO's his opponent, the next one has to come in. Then they can't switch out, leaving the owner of the MegaGengar to switch in whichever counter they want, while having removed the opponent's option to switch.

Once you've hit the 130 Mark (AKA: AsFastAsMewtwo), extra speed is almost negligible. Though MegaAlakazam gets the one up on a few Scarfers that could outspeed MegaGengar, no one can safely switch INTO MegaGengar. Revenge Killers also can't switch out of MegaGengar, though he can lock them in for whatever counter he has prepared.

Overall, MegaGengar is better in most ways, despite marginally lower offensive stats.

User Info: Neo_W_C

3 years ago#8
Megazam loses Magic Guard.

Magic Guard allows Alakazam to use a Life Orb without suffering the drawback, which makes it hit roughly as hard as Megazam would, so the biggest cost of Megazam is essentially trading in your mega slot to make Alakazam a bit faster, a trait you won't even see until after the turn on which it mega evolves.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

3 years ago#9
Alakazam Vanilla pretty much have 190 SPA anyway
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  3. Wait wait wait, mega alakazam has better stats than mega gengar?

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