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How do you build a competitive team?

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User Info: dontdodrugs101

3 years ago#1
What makes a "good" team?

User Info: oozysauce

3 years ago#2
Apparently, Good Coverage of both offence and defence or some kind of strategy which works..... i dunno, I'm terrible.
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#3
A team that can adapt to the most situations I suppose
Or a team that has a set up that will make it Victorias
I'm not too sure...I just make a team of Pokemon I feel like using, then again, I'm not competitive, so I have no expertise on the field of it.
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User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
3 years ago#4
General rule I have is to not have more than 2 pokemon weak to the same type attack.
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User Info: KRDsonic

3 years ago#5
Learn what pokemon are commonly used.

Use pokemon that counter those commonly used pokemon, but can still hold their own against less-commonly used pokemon as well.

And have a good variety of Physical and Special pokemon.

And make sure your pokemon cover each other's weaknesses. If you have something that gets wrecked by stealth rock, have something on your team that can either prevent, or get rid of stealth rocks (A pokemon with magic bounce to prevent the opponent from setting up stealth rocks on you, or something with rapid spin or defog).
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User Info: Akazora

3 years ago#6
Making sure that you aren't particularly susceptible to a particular strategy or pokemon that is commonly used. It helps to play some and lose to those first, to see where the weak-link in your team is.

Like, if you keep getting burned, try to have some special attackers, fire types or a magic bounce Espeon. If you lose to Talonflame, bring in a Tyranitar or Azumarill. If you get swept by Mega kangaskhan, get a Sableye and switch in during a power-up punch etc.
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