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Horde Ev training for attack, not sure how this is faster....

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User Info: shadothebrain

3 years ago#1
Route 5 has an average rate of scraggy. In 15 min I never saw a group. Route 14 is supposed to be abundant in weepinbell and ekans, but I've never been there when it hasn't been raining, and sweet scent won't work when its raining.....Same story with route 19. Everything else has an "average" to "rare" encounter rate according to sticky. Been at this about an hour and have made very very little progress. Any tips?
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User Info: Xanoe_rules

3 years ago#2
Change the time on your 3DS to one where it isn't raining in both routes.
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User Info: WiiareVenom

3 years ago#3
The place with Weepin Bells has been pretty good to me. Perhaps switch to a powerful Pokémon with an all hitting attack that is already poisoned (most of Bells attacks will fail)

Maybe keep some potions around for when the poison takes your health low.
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User Info: sunxenxyden

3 years ago#4
Route 19 is absolutely amazing for ATT Ev's

I found almost nothing but weepinbell and arbok's with the rare gliscor horde.

Though it does seem to rain there a lot which gets annoying,( i just used an over leveled lapras with surf to one shot them all. Finished EV training 5 Physical attackers in about 10-15 minutes there)
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User Info: crzydvd

3 years ago#5
pokerus, power item, and sweet scent with exp share on, and I'm done in 5-6 battles. usually about 5-10 minutes depending on the horde luck/ratio
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User Info: LUlGI

3 years ago#6
This is my main go-to for horde training:

HP - Gulpin Route 5
Attack - Weepinbell Route 19
Defense - Durant Terminus Cave
Sp. Attack - Spinda Route 21
Sp. Defense - Route 7 Hoppip
Speed - Wingull/Tailow Route 8

All of these are frequent appearances.
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