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I can has a fighting type in this game?

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User Info: Cheonji

4 years ago#11
What's with the racism all of a sudden?
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User Info: rosettelee

4 years ago#12
What even is this thread.

But yeah, there's also Riolu, who can be nabbed pretty early on.

User Info: MegaMawile14

4 years ago#13
What a scumbag HappyUnicorn is.

Lucario is a good fighting type that you get after you beat the third gym, plus it can go Mega.

User Info: alex1_2_3_4_5

4 years ago#14
HappyUnicorn101 posted...
rojse posted...
HappyUnicorn101 posted...
_LittleUnit_ posted...
Cheonji posted...
Have you caught a Pangoro and/or Timburr?


Where he be? I liek him

Oh i bet you do. because he's a construction worker right? I'm also guessing you are gonna have a Ludicolo?

I fail to see anything wrong with having a dancing pineapple on your team.

Nothing wrong inherently, but i bet this guy is gopnna have him, the constructer worker and hawlucha. And then when people try to communicate with him in English, he will throw a tantrum because he doesn't understand, even though he KNEW it was the nnational language in America before he moved here.

Oh, I forgot the internet is in America.

Chill man, its just a troll.
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User Info: poldual

4 years ago#15
mi liek fighting types 2. dey da bezzzt!!
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User Info: sonic2307

4 years ago#16
There is only one answer here and the answer is YES.
I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.
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User Info: _LittleUnit_

4 years ago#17
sonic2307 posted...


User Info: Tomudall

4 years ago#18
Might as well change your name to RacistUnicorn.

Yes. You can has all the fighting types TC
IGN: Udall
FC: 2423-2815-4889
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