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Favourite/Least Favorite Gen - What and Why?

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User Info: kittycatcorn

3 years ago#1
Still Masuda'ing Eevee's, so why not pass the time?

My favourite games/gen would probably be Gen II, specifically Soul Silver/Heart Gold. I loved the Pokemon following you, and the two regions you could visit <33
Also had my favourite starter ever, Totodile! <33
Gen III is also a favourite of mine, I loved all of the new Pokemon, and the game in general. It was also the first Pokemon games I played, so I'm probably just nostalgia blind umu

Least Favourite would be Gen IIII. I wasn't a fan of most of the new Pokemon, and the region was really boring to me. Most, if not all caves required Strenght/Rock Smash which meant I had to kick out a member for a HM Slave. The foggy route also irritated me slightly.
The region was just overall repetitive in my opinion, and the new Pokemon's designs I didn't fancy all too much.
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User Info: masterdrenin

3 years ago#2
My order for pokemon gens is as follows:


Gen 1 because of the nostalgia mostly lol and I have played and derived the most enjoyment out of it over so many years. However Gen 6 comes very close, GF really outdid themselves with the 3D battles and homage to old pokemon (especially first gen ones lol... I like) while creating great new additions. I disliked Gen 3 b/c the only memorable pokemon to me was Gardevoir and the world was very disappointing after the double worlds in Gen 2 - also I don't like surfing/water routes/tentacool spam.
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User Info: throwingshapes9

3 years ago#3
1>6>2>4>3>5 for me. I just didn't like Gen 5 at all for some reason, and I honestly thought the Pokemon series was gonna go downhill from there. Man, was I wrong.
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User Info: kirbydude385

3 years ago#4
Favorite: Gen 5
Overall best new Pokemon of any generation. Unova also looks very cool and the animated sprites are great. The story has improved somewhat also. BW2 I would say has basically the best post game of any of them and a really good main game too.

Least favorite: Gen 1
Ugly sprites, uninteresting locations, glitches, game mechanics that don't even make sense, and Pokemon that aren't that interesting.
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User Info: Crimson_Spider

3 years ago#5
Favorite Gen (so far): Gen 5. Though the map was linear, I could really get into the story, and there were plenty of epic/cool moments. I liked how you would see the Gym leaders doing stuff outside of just sitting underground, waiting to fight you. I liked the design of a lot of the pokes, and the villain group of the game actually had a point.

Least favorite... that is a toss up between Gen III and gen IV. Gen II takes the cake for now, but I'll list the problems with both.

Gen III: My first biggest grief with this gen was the soundtrack. After being traumatically exposed to mariachi bands at a young age, I've come to hate trumpets with a passion normally reserved for nazis. Though the game had some cool pokes, many of them are way too forgettable. Biggest issue being that this gen added way too many water types, and way too much of the game was just surfing around the map.

Gen IV: This gen suffered from a similar surfing problem, except it was that damn mountain that bisected the whole map. 1/3rd of the game takes place on that mountain, and you get sick of graveler and zubat way too quickly. Actually, you get sick of most of the pokes, since gen IV had everything in the game pushed to post game. The encounter list for pretty much every route was geodude, ponyta, kricketot, then +2 more random pokes that are interspersed pretty much everywhere. The game, while having 493 pokes, managed to pull off less variety than Gen I in route encounters.

What makes Gen IV beat Gen II is the epicness of it. Gen IV had a better storyline, better battles, and more interesting characters. The overall presentation of Gen IV was better, and I felt much more involved.
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User Info: tabby3

3 years ago#6
I'm one of the seemingly few who seems to love gen three, more scpeifically Hoenn. I like most, if not all the pokemon introduced. I remember as a kid (god....) thinking "That one's so cool! That one is too! Oh, where can I get that? What's THAT!?" I think the order of that would be Ralts, Flygon, Walrein and...Latias?...

My least favorite was gen 5. It...Just did not click for me. I didn't like the battles showing all of the pokemon on my side....far too pixlated...and the 2d sprites on a 3d world did not work. Gen 4 had a similar issue...but seriously. Go to the big city in Gen5 and go down some of the streets. Your character looks ridiculous.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

3 years ago#7
I guess I'm one of the rare cases of people who think that the Pokemon games have gotten better with each generation. The series has just gradually become more refined and streamlined as it's gone along. I liked Gen 1 just fine at the time, but compared to what we have now, the best I could say is that it's an unplayable relic.
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User Info: Pichusfan

3 years ago#8
Mine would be 2>6>3>1>4>5.

My favourite is Gen 2 because of a few things. Firstly, the introduction of breeding. Breeding is my favourite part of pokemon. Also, Gen 2 was when my favourite pokemon was introduced and had the best starters imo. The two worlds you could explore also made the game seem richer in content somehow.

My least favourite is Gen V. Idk, I just didn't like Gen V much. Mostly because of the art style. I could tell Gamefreak tried to improve it, but to me it just looked even more pixely and the pokemon looked hyperactive in battle. (Again, imo) Also, I didn't much care for this Gen's pokemon.
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User Info: Skittyism

3 years ago#9
Hmmm, in order I'd say...


Five's my favorite mostly because of their shift of focus towards the story. Once I started playing I was immediately hooked, it was completely unexpected. I'm still in love with the games.

Four's my least because... hmmm. Pretty much everything about it? Uninspired region, bland or just plain irritating characters, awful villain team, meh-tier new Pokemon. I really just have nothing good to say about Gen 4 lol. Well, except Dawn's Platinum outfit was way cute.
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User Info: Soothesayer

3 years ago#10
Gen 5 is my favorite. Up to that point it was the most refined game mechanic wise, the sprites being animated despite the fat pixels was really nice to see, the fact they actually did a somewhat interesting story that put a spin on the class become da champ formula, the change in rival dynamic, and a somewhat ballsy move in B/W to use region native pokemon only, which really made things feel fresh. Plus, I really liked the pokemon; just the right mix of cool, cute, bizarre and quirky to make Unova stand on its own. Seems like now there's more unova haters than ever, but in my eyes its tops.

Gen 4 comes next. This was the gen that got me back into the series and made it feel fresh again. it felt like the series really started to evolve here, with online, revised mechanics, a bit more storytelling and world building, the best villain team till that point, and some pretty unique if somewhat divisive pokemon design choices. Admittedly it took some time for a lot of the newer pokemon to grow on me, but looking back many of my favorite ones are from here. I know this is seen as the major point where pokemon designs got less simple and more intricate/strange, but they are monsters after all and if anything I'd say they just became more varied. It felt like Gen 2's direction with the pokemon done right.

Gen 3, however this is a bit weird since I only played Emerald(which I loved) and Leafgreen(did not like). For me it's the artistic direction which really hooked me in this gen. The region and pokemon seemed more exotic than before, a better distribution and mixing of types, and legendaries were worked more into the game's story,now being a target for the villains. While I didn't like the villains I did love Hoenn and its diversity(even the water), and the music was just sublime. Doubles and the battle frontier were great additions too.

Gen 2 was the first game I owned, although red was the first I played. I spent TONS of hours with these games, and if you ask me this was where pokemon games stopped being a fun yet horribly flawed handheld game to an actually good monster collecting RPG. Basically, its balls dropped so to speak. Even today it's still pretty playable for a game of its time, although definitely outclassed by its latter descendants. Its pokemon list is kind of lacking, although the highs are really high.

Gen 6 I have mixed feelings on. On one hand, the battle gameplay and online are soo good, very polished. The games have never looked battle, amie is great. But megas are just awful, I've come to hate them. It's really the first battle mechanic introduced after gen 1 that I wished never happened, as the over centralization it's created is just deplorable. The story is a step back from gen 5 to where it just feels bad, characterization is terrible, the region itself seems incomplete and lacks scope, the nostalgia pandering drags the game more than helps, postgame is meh, and the new pokemon are my least favorite yet, just too few for my liking, and they lack the weird coolness of gen 5. It's still young but so far gen 6 is a bit disappointing, too much to where it holds it back for me.

Gen 1...okay yes it's the original. yes it's nostalgic. But that does not save it from the fact that the games themselves are a mess. Really, nostalgia just isn't good enough anymore. As for the pokemon, I put them in 4th place. But the bland region, broken mechanics, absurd design choices and the fact every other gen outdoes it in nearly every way puts it dead last, best left in the past where it belongs.
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