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Favorite Pokemon and Feature of each gen

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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#1
I wanted to do something fun here so Im curious what everyone's favorite pokemon of each gen and favorite new or unique feature in each gen. The one rule for the thread is no backhanded compliments everything must be positive.

Gen 1:
Pokémon - Squirtle (kinda clichéd but he was my first pokemon ever)
Feature - Missingno glitch no grinding at all

Gen 2:
Pokémon - Heracross (my all time favorite)
Feature - Having two types that can actually scare away psychic types

Gen 3:
Pokémon - Ludicolo (y'all wish you could be as happy as ludicolo)
Feature - Battle Frontier because it added so much extra play time and ways to play to the game

Gen 4:
Pokémon - Snover (it's so freakin cute)
Feature - The best uses for the lower screen both the poketch and menu on the bottom were really useful

Gen 5:
Pokémon - Krookodile (dat type coverage)
Feature - Having all new pokemon for the entire duration of the story

Gen 6:
Pokémon - Talonflame
Feature - Having 3 pokedexes worth of pokemon to find in the game
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User Info: Rouenne

4 years ago#2
Gen 1:
Pokémon - Scyther
Feature - All the basics that make Pokemon

Gen 2:
Pokémon - Ho-Oh
Feature - Battling Red. Dunno, it was pretty cool to have as the secret boss the previous hero

Gen 3:
Pokémon - Blaziken (My all time favorite)
Feature - Battle Frontier, I absolutely loved it. Hell, getting to the Frontier Brain with the catchy music them they had was sweet

Gen 4:
Pokémon - Gallade
Feature - Physical and Special moves split.

Gen 5:
Pokémon - Joltik
Feature - Not really a feature, but I absolutely loved the story

Gen 6:
Pokémon - Greninja
Feature - The new breeding mechanics
Instead of complaining for something you don't like why not just go and enjoy things you do like?

User Info: Tyranidomega

4 years ago#3
Gen 1-Mewtwo
Feature:Starting the series

Gen 2-Tyranitar
Feature:Traveling to another region

Gen 3:Sceptile
Feature:Battle Frontier

Gen 4:Darkrai

Gen 5:Hydreigon (current absolute favorite)

Gen 6:Greninja
Feature:Pokemon Amie
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User Info: Torsque

4 years ago#4
Gen 1 : Wigglytuff (he's just a fun pokemon, but I liked him mostly because of the Pokemon: Explorer Series)

I really enjoyed the original Gen 1 Music. I can almost memorize all of it xD

Gen 2: Typhosion, Although I'm Warming up to Houndoom, I've always found Typhlosion to be super awesome looking~

Even though you could argue that both regions were alittle lacking, I really really liked having two regions and 16 badges, especially
looking at what they did with Kanto after playing RBY.

Gen 3 Torchic, So cute~ So Fiery~ I was also a Torchic in Pokemon Explorers, and it's been my favorite ever since~

I really enjoyed the Ribbon system, it was just so fun to go through Contests to collect them... I hope they have more ribbons to give out
in newer generations~

Gen 4 Gastrodon, So cute that I had to have one on my battling Team.

I really liked what they did with the poketch, it was a nice use of the dual Screens~

Gen 5 Mienfoo, Definitely my favorite fighting type, he/she is just so sleek and cool

It was nice to see the series take a shot at a more indepth storyline, although I didnt enjoy it too much... Team Plasma had a cool battle theme, though!

Gen 6 Goodra , Almost as cute as Gastrodon!
Pokemon Amie... Breeding ... 3D models, Story, ease of trading, I really can't choose.
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User Info: metroxil

4 years ago#5
Gen 1 Jolteon
I guess it started the series that's all I got going for it

Gen 2 Ampharous
Walking with your pokemon/Red

Gen 3 Gardevoir (#1 always)
Secret Bases, Battle Frontier, Music... Too much to name

Gen 4 Staraptor
Physical/Special split that's all

Gen 5 Joltik, Darumanka(sp?), Larvesta
Coolest villain costume to date. Pirate team Plasma outfit FTW

Gen 6 Goomy the true Arceus of Pokemon
Fairy type
Gallade never liked him, NEVER will
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