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So if I had a full party of competitive shiny pokemon...

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User Info: Ren-Drako

3 years ago#1
would I be called a cheater and have people disconnect online? I have been breeding to get the most if not all of my party to be shiny with decent IV and correct nature, but Im afraid people will just assume I hacked and disconect.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#2
I see no problem with competitive shinies.

That might not have ever been the intention of the existence of shinies, but oh well.

It's not like the Masuda Method doesn't exist.
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User Info: gudaman

3 years ago#3
When I used to do this same thing in Diamond everyone accused me of cheating and hacking but they were all legit.

It really bothered me that it took me so long to collect them all then have my effort disregarded because they were too lazy or stupid to tell a legit from a hacked pokemon. I even tried to show people in trades which bit me in the *** because then someone stole one from me...

I never had any disconnects but that's just because I was (and still am) terrible at competitive battling...
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User Info: Galapagoz

3 years ago#4
People just don't know how easy it was getting shinies back in the day w/ Masuda Method. Sure it took a few hundred eggs sometimes, but the end result was great! I just wish a form of wonder trade existed back then, or at least a way to release more than one pokemon at a time.
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