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Looking for Blastoise Mega Stone

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User Info: Cruxisseraphim

3 years ago#1
Hello, I'm looking for Squirtle's mega stone, I have venusar's stone I'm willing to trade in exchange. Also, does anyone know if that guy in the stone shop ever sells more than one, I only got Charizard's stone from him so far and I did the style grinding.
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User Info: meestermj

3 years ago#2
Trade Board. That is all.
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User Info: MegaSlush

3 years ago#3
You should have all 3 stones by yourself. One depending on the starter you picked, and two more from the seller.
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User Info: KetsuekiBara

3 years ago#4
He'll sell both of the ones you didn't choose. Example, if you choose Charizard, he'll sell Venusaur and Blastoise. You might need to be in post game for the second though, I don't know for sure.
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