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Best strategy for catching the legendary birds?

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User Info: Seiru_Okibi

3 years ago#1
So I check my Pokedex, and see where it is on the map. I don't fly, and ride my bike to where it is, but it still seems to just jump around to some other corner of the map by the time I get there. What gives?

User Info: meestermj

3 years ago#2
You have to encounter it 10-15 times, then it will go to "Sea Spirit's Den" where you can catch it.
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User Info: BeatenByBulba

3 years ago#3

1) Keep flying to a city adjacent to a couple of routes (e.g South Lumiose) and keep checking the birds location. If it is on an adjacent route, go visit, if not fly to the same spot again.

2) Grab a ton of super/max repels (like 80) and go to somewhere like Santalune and constantly ride bike between town and route north of town, going through the grass for a little bit. Every time you re-enter, the bird has a chance of being there. Keep spamming repels, you will run into him eventually.

Then after 10 he goes to the cave.
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