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What are your top 5 favorite Shinys and why?

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User Info: BMorgn66

4 years ago#1
Just wondering what are your favorites, with them being a lot easier to obtain this generation, I am thinking about trying to actually collect a few... Can be gen 6 or any of the previous generations.

I really like...

Tyrunt - the blue looks awesome
Gogoat - very unique color variation much better than original
Greninja - nuff said
Aegislash - red swords pretty awesome
Gliscor - subtle difference but looks awesome
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User Info: slothica

4 years ago#2
Blaziken: It's darker, and silver-haired. That's awesome. Plus it's my favorite pokemon.
Charizard: Red and black dragon. Yeah.
Rayquaza: Monstrous in its appearance. Dem black scales of death...
Haxorus: Noticing a theme here?
Gardevoir: Because dat Mega.
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User Info: MrNeRdY

4 years ago#3

Black color scheme ftw
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

4 years ago#4
Manectric: I like how its light blue eyes contrast from its black and orange body. It's just a pity the mega evolution looks so lame as a shiny (Orange becomes more yellowish, black becomes a weird dark green, and its eyes go back to being red).

Latias: I'm partial to gold shinies, and her teal eyes make it all the better.

Goodra: I like shinies that get a change of eye color, and I'm fond of its purple on peach color scheme.

Zoroark: I love the hue of deep purple its fur gets, and its yellow eyes are a lot more noticeable on a 3D model.

Haxorus: The black makes it look even more menacing then it usually does.
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User Info: munez

4 years ago#5
Lucario (M-Lucario) - Really like his yellow colour goes so well with his ears XD

Gliscor - I like the shade of blue

Camerupt - Prob my favourite after lucario, the black with yellow rings is amazing!

Cloyster - Blue~

Goodra - The gold is pretty unique, matches goodra
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User Info: SkiddoSupreme

4 years ago#6
In no particular order:

Ampharos- It look great with Pink, and I don't even like the color Pink.
Glaceon: The colors look muck more.... soft and refined. Also icy.
Ninetales: The White and Blue colors make her look elegant.
Delphox: The color scheme fits the Mage/Wizard role. Also looks awesome.
Umbreon: Pretty muck all they did was change the ring color to blue(the shade of black is slightly different) but it looks great.
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User Info: rojse

4 years ago#7
Vivillon - a lot of wing patterns look pretty nice with a white-body Vivillon instead of the normal black, particularly the Monsoon wing pattern.

User Info: Pichusfan

4 years ago#8
1. Skarmory - I like the colour green, plus it looks amazing on Skarmory.
2. Metagross - It's chrome with a gold X.
3. Rapidash - It is simply fabulous. Magical. Beautiful. Majestic.
4. Rayquaza - I feel like I don't even have to explain this one. It's a black dragon with gold in it. What's not to like?!
5. Aegislash. New favourite, that's pretty badass.
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User Info: Damanax

4 years ago#9
Umbreon - Always liked the blue rings instead of yellow

Butterfree - As a kid I always wanted a pink Butterfree cause of the anime.

Dragonair - Always like the pink and orange. It's sad how they chose the ugliest shades of green and purple for Dragonite :(

Trevenant - Look at it

Zangoose - The colour scheme is awesome
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User Info: hodelino

4 years ago#10
Heracross - So.Much.Pink
Togekiss - I really like the beige touch in it
Bellossom - Violet, Nuff said
Delphox - It looks more mysterious this way
Venusaur - Golden Flower
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