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Hardest champion (in your opinion)?

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User Info: DamorahTalset

3 years ago#1
Topic title. - Results (112 votes)
8.93% (10 votes)
5.36% (6 votes)
8.93% (10 votes)
1.79% (2 votes)
68.75% (77 votes)
1.79% (2 votes)
3.57% (4 votes)
0.89% (1 votes)
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Topic. Blue was technically the hardest for me since I was a noob back then. But I think overall goes to Cynthia.
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User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

3 years ago#2
Cynthia. Her whole team was tailor made to be a pain in the ass to deal with.
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User Info: MaruKazeryu

3 years ago#3
assuming I fought them all knowing what I know now, with current generation mechanics in place, I would say Cynthia hands down would be the most difficult champion
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User Info: Xeo352

3 years ago#4
Okay, who's the one who said Diantha? xD
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User Info: MysterPixel

3 years ago#5
The only one I had trouble with was Lance... I had to do that battle about 10 times before I won. But that was when I was young and stupid and underlevelled.

He even gave me trouble in the first gen when he was just one of the E4 members - he was harder than Blue.

I beat everyone else on the first attempt.

User Info: RoboZygo

3 years ago#6
Cynthia had good competitive in-game pokemon with good movesets. Her Garchomp took me over 10 tries.
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User Info: Gogito4

3 years ago#7
Not even close. Dat Chomp.
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User Info: AgressiveSmurf

3 years ago#8
I once played through a Platinum Nuzlocke, and her Garchomp ended up devouring my Jolteon and Scizor before I knew it. I was asking for it when I switched in Jolteon (PSA: JOLTEON IS NOT A GOOD NUZLOCKER), but I sent out a Gatrodon afterwards, and even with Ice Beam it didn't do much. And so I switched in Scizor AND IT BLOODY USED FLAMETHROWER ON ME WHY

Eventually I won with Togekiss at like 5 health and poisoned but hey.

Then I died trying to win in the Battle Tower haha
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User Info: SirPikachu

3 years ago#9
I ALWAYS have trouble in the FR/LG E4 cuz I'm so underleveled. But IDk; I din't have a problem wit Cynthia's Chomp; cuz I was young and basically solo'd the entire game with Empoleon.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#10
GSC Lance, Blue and Cynthia were difficult for me at the time they came out. But Cynthia was the real challenge--Garchomp aside, she still put up one hell of a fight.

The easiest for me were Alder and especially Diantha. Alder ran almost nothing but bugs and things generally weak to Fighting, but his Volcarona was the only threat on his team. And a worthy one, at that.

Most Gen Six pokemon aren't very strong, so Diantha was tailor made to be a cakewalk...even with a Mega on her side. Painfully ironic how nearly her entire team can be slaughtered by Fairy Types when her Ace is Gardevoir...
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