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Hardest champion (in your opinion)?

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User Info: DemiseEnd

3 years ago#21
My poorly EV'ed team with Ludicolo as my highest at 65(soloed most E4 lol) beats Diantha without any Item uses and any casualty before Gardevoir, even then its just because Gardevoir has a type advantage over the entire team

That's how easy she is. That Weavile trainer at the beggining of Victory Road is significantly harder than her. Granted its not as easy as Wikstorm(who is pathetic) but still...


Original Green is laughed at by Cloyster, and despite his good team(2 OU one of which is exeguttor are you freakin flipping me) his movepool is terrible

Cynthia would be a threat... If her starting pokemon isn't Spiritomb

Adler and Iris is somewhat threatening if they did not exist in a game with 900.000 good pokemon.

Steven is trivialized by Blaziken

Wallace is trivialized by Electric type + Grass type

Lance, I don't remember but its an easy battle in general

I think I vote Steven for not being a total joke without a "one chance to get" pokemon, although Kyogre and Groudon laugh at him lol
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User Info: Nextgrandcross

3 years ago#22
Cynthia. Her Garchomp in particular, course that's assuming you get past that Spiritomb.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

3 years ago#23
I'm with the consensus of many it's Cynthia. Her Garchomp is a major threat, but she has several, really strong, high tier Pokemon on her team. Freaking Spiritomb as her lead with no weakness (at the time), a butt-load of defense, and her Full Restores undoing all of the damage done can make it a very difficult hurdle to overcome. And, that's just the first one. She's also got Milotic which shrugs off most moves it's weak to. Lucario who could hit like a truck. And, well, the infamous Garchomp. Cynthia has one of the most solid teams of any game's Champion.
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User Info: metroxil

3 years ago#24
Just another poll where people try to bash on Diantha and Wallace
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User Info: ScarletGengar

3 years ago#25
Cynthia hands down, not only was she one of my first champions back in pearl but she was down right difficult to beat
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User Info: Soulstrikes

3 years ago#26
blue because i was a dumb kid
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User Info: Tank_NS

3 years ago#27
Really Cynthia? Never had a problem with her. I used to always do the "overlevel your starter" thing, and in Emerald, If you didn't catch Rayquaza before the Elite 4 Wallace would just DOMINATE you. Only game I ever had that problem with. I voted Blue though just because of Yellow version, and RBY being my first Pokemon games.
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User Info: DeathChaos25

3 years ago#28
Cynthia, and it's not even close.

All of the other E4's were a joke with comparison, a single Pokemon with probably one or two attacks could sweep their entire teams, Cynthia, on the other hand, uses Diverse types and actually good Pokemon.

And don't get me started when you find her in HG/SS's Postgame...

I was so blissfully ignorant of what that fated House had in store for me right after finishing the E4...
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User Info: Cemith

3 years ago#29
In general the best made Champs are Cynthia and Blue/Green

Cause they're both moderately difficult to defeat.

Cynthia in particular, dem perfect 'mons.
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