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Wow - New to Pokemon: My Brain Hurts!

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User Info: Animako

3 years ago#31
I feel you, I was new to this too.

I love the meta stuff as much as I hate it >.<
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User Info: Milennin

3 years ago#32
You don't need any of the in-depth stuff to get started with the game. You can easily beat the main game just using whatever you want to use, without bothering with natures, EVs and IVs. You'll only need that if you want to get decent at the Battle Maison (post-game content) and competitive battles against other players.
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User Info: Rpgaddict_22

3 years ago#33
OrleanKnight posted...
One thing you should know about me is that I love RPGs, but this day and age all the best ones seem to be on the Nintendo 3DS. So this past Monday I picked up on a Zelda 3DSXL and today I picked up Poke'mon Y.

I'm not asking for help or anything, I'm just providing my reaction. I commonly do a lot of research on the games I'm getting into, but when it comes to Poke'mon I have to admit this is some pretty overwhelming stuff! This is my first Poke'mon game (ever) and I'm giving myself a crash course in IVs, EVs, Natures, Types, etc.. just what have I gotten myself in to here?

Well looks to me that there are also hundreds of Poke'mon and putting together a team is like building a deck of cards in Magic the Gathering, it takes time, patience, and a lot of trail an error. So far I've ran into spreadsheets, calculators, charts, instructional videos and more -- I barely even played the game itself, maybe like 1 hour of actual gameplay. I've spent my entire evening wrapping my head around the "Meta" within Poke'mon -- that's why my brain hurts!

To me, this all feels like some sort of MMORPG; the monthly subscription for which begins in December (Pokebank). I'm not eager to get into any fights, clearly I have to spend a lot of time just feeling the game out first before finding those exotic creatures that tickle my fancy.

Anyway, I really am curious. This seems to be a hugely popular game. What are some of the best communities for beginners? Like say an intelligent forum/board/website that takes the game seriously yet still embraces "noobs" to the fold?

And they say Pokemon is for children.... XD
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User Info: Tsukasa1891

3 years ago#34

is a good site with lots of information on pokemon including what pokemon give what ev's that you can make use of latter.

while you don't need to worry about iv's and ev's for the main game, if you want to start preparing for getting perfect iv's latter, then it's as easy as catching certain wild pokemon. wild baby pokemon such as Smoochum, Azurill, Wynaut, Budew, Chingling, Mime Jr., Riolu, and Mantyke always come with 3 perfect iv's. so i would suggest trying to catch at least 2-3 of each of them for latter. though you will have to evolve them before they can breed.

once you beat the game you can go to kloude city where there is a guy in the poke center who will tell you if your pokemon has any perfect iv's. if they do he will say something good about it and say stats like that can't be beat.

other then that some simple tips would be,

if you don't know what a item does, do not sell it even if it's description makes it sound useless.

if you find a wild pokemon that sparkles before the battle and is colored different, it's not a glitch, it's a shiny pokemon and those are rare so try to catch it using the weakest attacks you can. they're nice if you like to collect things like that.

catch a bidoof if you haven's yet, it's in the first few routs and level it up to 15 to evolve it. once it does keep it in your party to teach it the hm moves you will get as you go. there are 5 hm moves and bidoof can learn 4/5 of them when it evolves. ones like cut and strength aren't that great and can't be removed till much latter in the game when you get to the move deleter. so think of it as your travailing pokemon.

also catch and level a fletchling to level 17 to evolve it. even if you don't want to use it on your team, it'll be useful latter for it's ability flame body which will cut the number of steps needed to hatch pokemon eggs in half.
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User Info: highflyer_01

3 years ago#35
I remember playing in the red/blue/yellow (and green, if you imported, I suppose) generation, and nothing was complicated...that was the last time I really played pokemon. Guess the game has changed a.lot since then.

User Info: Wuteng

3 years ago#36
this is just a nintendo's strategy to "personalize" your pokemon, it is text book, how to let kids get more attach to this game.

go pokemon showdown and problem solved.
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User Info: rojse

3 years ago#37
highflyer_01 posted...
I remember playing in the red/blue/yellow (and green, if you imported, I suppose) generation, and nothing was complicated...that was the last time I really played pokemon. Guess the game has changed a.lot since then.

There was a similar system to IVs in Gen 1 (they're called DVs). It's just that most people didn't have access to the internet and couldn't find out this stuff at the time they were playing it.

User Info: SolitaireD

3 years ago#38
Well if this is your first pokemon, do what almost everyone did for their first way back in RGB.

1) Pick whatever Pokemon you like, give it any moves you like it to have. Full HM? Sure go ahead.

718 is too overwhelming compared to the original 151, but just do whatever you want.

2) Just learn basic typings. If 18 is too much, just at least know 1 weakness and strength of each.

Enjoy the story, go through the gyms. Rebattle the Elite Four if you enjoyed it. Maybe winning 100 times may get you some bonus, or maybe there's a truck somewhere for you to push.

Just explore however you want =D
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