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What will be your first move when PokeBank comes out?

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User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#1
And I mean which Pokemon is your top priority? Obviously many of us will be trading over LOADS of Pokemon unavailable to us otherwise, but which one are you waiting for most?

Do you have a previously bred competitive Pokemon? A Pokemon you've transferred from Gen to Gen? A special Shiny that you found one day?

As for myself... I'm looking forward to either my Scyther I bred a while back (will be my tanky Mega Scizor~), or my in-game team in general from SoulSilver. My in-game teams hold special memories for me...

So what about YOU?! :D
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User Info: inTaCtfuL

4 years ago#2
A full box of Perfect DW Dittos with viable natures
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User Info: TheFAQKing

4 years ago#3
Flood GTS with 6IV Dittos to make little kids cry.

User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

4 years ago#4
Asking someone for a 5IV HA Eevee female with Hyper Voice for Sylveon.
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User Info: ForgottenTime

4 years ago#5
Going to transfer my 8 boxes of shiny flawless dittos and flood wonder trade and GTS.

User Info: blaziken9190

4 years ago#6
My living Pokedex.
Xydrealb || Just a remnant
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User Info: NeedProteanFroa

4 years ago#7
Wonder trade will (hopefully) get better, with baby old starters. So I'm the most excited about having all the starters I need!!!
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User Info: Keldonis

4 years ago#8
Can't wait to transfer over my boatload of RNG'ed Shiny Flawless competitive pokes. EV'ed and lvl 100.

Few lvl 1's I still need to train up as well.

Pretty much ready to go. Not waiting for anything in particular but if I had to choose, probably my Shiny near flawless Timid Heatran with HP Ice.

It will be the absolute bane of all these T-flames I'm always seeing as Heatran walls it indefinitely.
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User Info: rojse

4 years ago#9
Transfer my whole box to the bank, start a new main game as a female PC with decent clothing options and start again.

User Info: rhynoballz69

4 years ago#10
i will be looking forward to the previous EV trained pokemon i have as well as all the starters. as i own both X and Y with X being my main, i look forward to doing type runs with the starters in my Y version.
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