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What Rating Would you Give the Fantasy Cycling Simulator, Pokemon X / Pokemon Y?

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User Info: matthewtheman

3 years ago#31
Jillipenny posted...
RoboZygo posted...
alright OP fine here you go this is a 10/10 topic
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User Info: MarkofWisdom

3 years ago#32
My favorite part of this new cycling sim is that they finally made an infinite loop area that doesn't have any area transitions
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User Info: Jumalacca

3 years ago#33
Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. The addition of more than four axes of movement was nice, but I haven't been able to forgive the developers for removing the completely liberating fast/slow speed mechanics. Also I'm very disappointed that, again a removed feature, there isn't any reflection whatsoever on the nature of the incline versus the speed of the bike, except with one particular type of hill.

Perhaps it was to reflect the lack of lycra as you already pointed out, but the lack of aerodynamics when riding into the wind was also laborious and unnecessary.

Where this rendition truly shines, though, is the social interaction. I have myself ridden through the region this game is based off, and this game encapsulates perfectly the level of desire to trade blows with the entire population. I thoroughly enjoyed beating these strangers into submission, as was my biggest desire in that area itself, but it's more of a guilty pleasure than an accurate depiction: I spent many a nights holed up in a jail cell, living off day-old baguettes and sharing indignities with a man named Jacques Causteaux, while there is no law enforcement of any kind to be found in this game.

All in all I would rate this game a mere 4/10, but the joy of taking to arms against the native population bumps it up to a 7/10. - Skyrim Shuffling Parody - Thrillerborn Dance Vid

User Info: RaiderX98

3 years ago#34
This topic is great. Hat off to you TC.
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User Info: Cress_Albane314

3 years ago#35
This whole topic is full of win.

I'd give a witty review, but I'm just too tired.

User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#36
I'd argue that this game is exactly true to life.

-When someone gives you a free bicycle, just take it. Don't ask any questions about models or bells or styles, it's a free bike. Just take it.

-Nobody wears helmets any more!

-The bicycling music is equivalent to the MP3 players that people use when listening to music as they cycle.

I'm sure that some people are picky over their bikes, but 10-12 year old kids aren't and will just ride off into the sunset on a Rhyhorn who ate their bike.
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User Info: rojse

3 years ago#37
acerola-orion posted...
you're wrong though

it's clearly a fantasy berry farming sim game

If there was no berry farming, no one would care. If there was no bicycle, no one would have brought the game.

User Info: Sazerfan

3 years ago#38
Reminds me of those Amazon troll reviews I loved to read so much.
I'll give you a 7/10 for getting a chuckle out of me
Never Give Up, Never Bow Down

User Info: rojse

3 years ago#39
How has everyone been enjoying their fantasy cycling as of late?

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

3 years ago#40
1/10. It's just as unrealistic as going to jail in Monopoly. You're supposed to get really buff from constantly doing it, and then beat up the competition outside of the normal boundaries in the game.
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