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ITT: Your reaction: Pokebank detects and deletes all clones.

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User Info: Don_of_Blades

3 years ago#101
wouldnt be surprised.

though i think it would just ban the upload of the second and more from entering bank.

though a simple pid tweak would fix that if your savvy enough.

not that id condone such a thing...
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User Info: Flintlock_Staff

3 years ago#102
J_Applei posted...

Post 100.

Nobody cares?
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User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#103
Flintlock_Staff posted...
J_Applei posted...

Post 100.

Nobody cares?

I do. :(
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User Info: IndigoIce

3 years ago#104
kingravy posted...
I don't even know why I'm bothering because your reading comprehension has to be pretty bad to act as if I'm claiming pokemon is an MMO when I said "ACTUAL MMOs" for the reason I wouldn't call it one. Animal Crossing is not a competitive game, Fire Emblem doesn't even have an online portion unless you think the DLC counts or Streetpass is online. Both are poor comparisons even before pointing out the difference in genres or gameplay. Not just apples to oranges, apples to meatloaf.

But to call Pokemon a single player game when there is blatant competitive battling and community trading, both of which can be imbalanced....well maybe you just haven't figured out how to turn your internet on yet and you really believe the game ends after the elite 4.

The point of my post is that you're treating as if pokemon XY has a "social hierarchy" system like MMOs where people with shiny 5IVs = better than those who does not have. Why are you thinking it that way?

How does cloning affects competitive battling and community trading?

Competitive Battling:
1) You do not need shiny to be on par with cloners in competitive battling.
2) You do not need to clone to be on par with cloners in competitive battling.

Community Trading:
3) You do not need to be a cloner to get a cloned shiny 5IVs.
4) You can trade BP items for a cloned shiny.
5) You can trade several 5IVs breeding pairs for a cloned shiny.

[Hundreds of trade topics there if you search. Non-cloners have already worked for their cloned shinies. Any measures would be unfair to the non-cloners because no one knows whether only one or multiple of the same pokemon exist around. I guess it may not affect you because you may hardly had visited the trading board in the first place.]

- If anything, it improves the trading board. The board is in fact, much active now in comparison to before the exploit was revealed. Unless you never visited the board to observe it before.

The facts are already infront of your eyes.
I'm bothered because you spoke as if competitive battling and trading were ruined, when in fact it's not. The post-game is still strong as ever. The egg SV exploit contributes the post-game too. [What's your thought between SV and cloning? Both are exploits in a sense.] If anything, more players are active now.


Regarding animal crossing, I don't know why you don't see it as competitive game when you see pokemon as one. People dupe stuffs for rarer furnitures sets. The trades for rarer villagers were very active and intense there. I seen the same debates after the duping exploit was revealed there. Few of the non-dupers spoke as if duping furnitures can ruin the trading board. Many months passed by, and the trading board is still as active as ever. Majority non-dupers don't mind the dupers because they can get a rarer dupe set by trading their furnitures. (It's more satisfying to work for it legitimately even trading for other's dupe items.) Every games have their loop-holes. No games are perfect.
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User Info: Inferno05

3 years ago#105
king gravy posted...

Not sure why you're saying "you're welcome", no one's thanking you for what GF did. Their anti hack measure doesn't seem to be working since people are still bothering to hack even with it becoming easier. Why are they bothering to hack again if there's no advantage to doing so?

Mostly to save time. None of this is about effort, honestly. In old gens it was pure frustration, but not effort. I did it in gen 5 because I found that game's RNG abuse to be tedious and too unreliable. About the same level of luck I have breeding pokemon in this gen. Sure, I get it, but I can still spend most of the day without one success (in both 5th gen RNG and 6th gen breeding). We don't have a combat advantage, and we don't WANT a trade advantage (it'd be pointless, we could make it).

king gravy posted...

Clearly you don't understand how a trade economy works. I'm sure your solution to poverty is to just print more money.

Terrible analogy. Especially once Bank comes out. 31 boxes * 30 pokemon + teams/battle box means 942 mon on one cartridge. There are millions of cartridges. Add in bank storage. Yeah, it technically won't be "unlimited", but printing out more mon won't really affect the trades the way printing money will effect a real economy based on actual, very limited resources that will one day run dry or have entire seasons/labor forces dedicated to reproducing. There is enough room and resources for any reasonable and 99% of unreasonable players to have whatever they want. Hacking? Cloning? whoop-die-**** ing-doo, we all have the tools to fight how we want. The only stagnation left comes from the community habits.

king gravy posted...

And everyone's saying it would never happen because they would never inconvenience legit players. You've obviously never had to transfer systems, a process made far more obnoxious than it should be due to the fact Nintendo is afraid you'll copy games.

Once more, terrible comparison. They let a clone pass? Ok. It gets traded around and copied between games that have been paid for. Nintendo already got the money they're getting for that legit, but copied, data. And since all that data points to a legit value, it doesn't effect tournament play. They delete clones? The innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire rage because of the time they spent to make the pokemon they traded for that clone. PR nightmare is possible.

They let you copy a digital game to another system and sell either system? They could've gotten money from the new owner of the sold system when they possibly paid some of those same games.

TL DR: Copied games: Lost profit. Copied Pokemon: Lost nothing.

Btw, apparently they won't let me quote your actual username without a space. Funny filters. Thought that'd lighten the mood.
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User Info: 3DSRec

3 years ago#106
The Eternal Evil posted...
Exhibit A: Nintendo Events.

Exhibit B: Soft resetters.

Several Nintendo events are in fact "clones" sharing the same secret ID, PID, and Trainer ID as well as OT name. People who soft reset for say, 3 perfect IVs on these event Pokemon (not very difficult surprisingly.) Will generally shoot for the same 3, meaning that one in every 32000ish attempts at specific events end up being an identical monster in every way shape and form. Do you have the system not include events, even though event Pokemon and Dittos are the most likely Pokemon to be duplicated outside of shiny Pokemon? Can you actually exclude events from such a program of detection considering they would be the most likely offenders as well, even though there will be people you legitimately screw out of a Pokemon they soft resetted for for upwards of 10 hours?

For that matter consider the new breeding system. There is a chance for one breeder to have hundreds of "clones" with the same of every number. IVs included.

So is this feasible? In many ways. No.

actually battle revolution online filtered out unlegit events. AKA hacked arceus but allowed an event arceus.

They can do something in the code like "event id 26361 true" or whatever
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User Info: Skull_pro

3 years ago#107
DarkKirby2500 posted...
That is actually impossibly unfair, as legit clones can exist.

However cloning was never an issue next to hacked Pokemon.

How in the name of god can two ''legit clone'' exists?

They'd have to have:

Same Trainer Number (already one in 100k chance of happening)
Same IV (one in 32^6 chance * the 100k above)
Same OT: (1 in (Number of different characters * number of characters used*)
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#108
Don't forget same SV! I've had two Honedges with same exact IV's and everything, but SV was different, so that's another... 4000+ multiplier. ^_^
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User Info: DarkEspeon996

3 years ago#109
Simple fix: Pokebank Pokemon cannot be used in Nintendo tournaments. Most legendarys are banned anyways.
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User Info: PLD_Hawk18

3 years ago#110
Skull_pro posted...
DarkKirby2500 posted...
That is actually impossibly unfair, as legit clones can exist.

However cloning was never an issue next to hacked Pokemon.

How in the name of god can two ''legit clone'' exists?

They'd have to have:

Same Trainer Number (already one in 100k chance of happening)
Same IV (one in 32^6 chance * the 100k above)
Same OT: (1 in (Number of different characters * number of characters used*)

As stated a few posts before, events. Garchomp and Scizor both have OT WINTER2013 and ID 11153. Tolers' Ludicolo? Abram's Cloyster? All have the same OT and ID as Toler and Abram.

All those are "clones" of sorts, as they have all the same data, except for IVs and Nature (However theres the chance two Abram Cloysters could have exact everything). However, what about the Japanese Haxorus? Iris' Haxorus or whatever. Has the same OT, ID, Nature and such, and anything thats different like IVs can easily still be matched exactly.

Then you got RNGs, so I can find two Adamant Pikachus, with Static, perfect IVs and everything, in the wild, very easily. These are in essence "clones" as they match each other perfectly.

How can two legit clones exist? Very easily.

To add onto what I said last page, deleting clones would be a nightmare. As I just showed, there are TONS of event Pokemon out there that are basically clones, so having one guy upload a Plasma Deoxys would royally mess over every other person with a Plasma Deoxys. Then theres still the chance that someone RNG'd two "clones", and since RNG'ing is pretty much untraceble, unless the guy willing states they did it, Nintendo would have to be ran by Sabrina to do a fair job.

Like I said, and as others have said, this would only cause a total PR meltdown and most likely sink the Pokemon franchise as a whole, maybe even Nintendo as a whole. We can say "Well, Nintendo can recover easily with Mario games" or whatever, but at the end of the day, if a franchise as big and well known and love as Pokemon dies, thats a big hit to Nintendo. Billions, if not Trillions of dollars lost in just a year from handhelds to consoles to toys, no longer being sold or made because of one little slip up with PR.

If you dont believe how fast PR can take a hit, just look at Obamas approval ratings over the years, or Toyotas approval ratings when they revealed their cars had safety issues. These two entities we all know and (For some of us) love, and they took hits to their PR, even if temporary. Nintendo is a BIG company, one that might even rival Toyota or Ford or Wal-Mart or whatever else you can think of, so it stands to reason that if they did something that affected all 5.5 million players, not including how many more buy the game later on, most of these people would be upset. Best case scenario is these people lose over half their Pokemon due to them being clones, they get upset and they never check Trading Boards or use GTS ever again. Worst case, well, they boycott Nintendo, or at least Pokemon, all together, Pokemon or Nintendo as a whole go belly up and we no longer have our adorable Pocket Monsters to play and battle with. That may sound Farfetch'd, but when you look at stuff like the Nintendo/Youtube Policy just a few months ago, its a real possibility.

Bottom line is, Nintendo knows about hackers. They know about emulators. They know about Action Replay, GameShark, CodeBreaker and all the other cheating devices. They want to stop it but they also want to make the all mighty dollar at the same time. Do you think Nintendo would honestly keep these threats they have made in the face of losing half or more of their player base? The most they would want to do is say "This Pokemon doesnt have a Water Mark, we cant allow it in play".
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