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What is the luckiest you've been with shinies?

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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#11
First let me start by saying I havent seen a wild shiny in like 15 years since one of my first playthroughs of Ruby version.

Basically on my second playthrough of Y I decided I wanted to raise a Skrelp. And figured I would see if I could chain a shiny Skrelp. Finally got the good rod, and backtracked to route 8 to start the process. First cast, and out comes a shiny Horsea. I would say thats the most luck I've had.....course it felt less lucky when a day later I had 2 shiny Horsea, and 3 Shiny Skrelps....but meh, I'll take it. (side note still no shiny in a random grass encounter)
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User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#12
My first ever encounter with Kyogre was a shiny. Other than that one of the Ralts Eggs I hatched in Diamond or Soul Silver ended up Shiny with good IVs.

The only Shiny I have every had other than those 2 was Rayquaza in Soul Silver which I RNGed for Shiny and 5 IVs.
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User Info: jmtl

4 years ago#13
My luckiest was in LeafGreen, Safari Zone. There, the Pokemon can run away at any time and you are limited to one type of ball, so no Master Ball is allowed. My Nidoran Female was Lax, but at least it was shiny!
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User Info: Sonictoast123

4 years ago#14
I almost got a Pikachu drunk enough.

Close to being lucky with a shiny.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#15
Me: "Hey Mike, I have my version of X on me, let me show you Mega Blastoise! Let's get in a wild battle..."

A Wild Weepinbell appeared. *SHINE SPARKLE*

Holy Bawlz, first wild battle since turning on the game.

Me: "I'll show you next battle."

Fast forward a few days....

"Man, I really need an Arbok for my Dex completion. Route 19 they're in hordes, huh? Alright."

3 hours pass...

A Wild Weepinbell appeared. *SHINE SPARKLE*

"Well, it's not an Arbok horde, but I'll take it."
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User Info: extremegunner

4 years ago#16
Shiny Luvdisc after fishing twice. Shiny Helioptile came out from the first egg, Masuda Method not used.

User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#17
I found a shiny wild Makuhita and Wailmer in the same playthrough of Ruby...I guess that's lucky since I haven't randomly encountered any wild shinies since the Gen 3 games.

While using the Poke Radar in Y, I got a shiny grass patch after a chain of only six Pidgey.
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User Info: BlazeAssassin

4 years ago#18
I've been the luckiest of all when it comes to shinies.

I've played every version of every game, probably combine for at least 2000 hours across all pokemon games. I've yet to ever see or own a shiny.

User Info: handheld_genius

4 years ago#19
Breeding excadrill, not even using masuda method, BAM first egg was a shiny
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User Info: karubinko

4 years ago#20
Breeding jolly larvitars normally *hatches shiny 31/31/31/xx/31/31*
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