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What pokemon would you own and why?

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User Info: DMGirl

3 years ago#11
*Pulls out list of favorite Pokemon*

Maybe this one? No... This one? But what about this one? Too many Pokemon to choose from!!!

In all reality I would probably go with Meganium. Nostalgia does a lot and it seems like a trusty and useful friend to have.
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User Info: ultimaDIA

3 years ago#12
Togekiss, because it's an adorable stealth bomber that shoots Hadoukens and spreads love and friendship.
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User Info: MM125

3 years ago#13
Celebi. Adorable and can time travel, both highly desirable qualities in a prospective partner.
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User Info: aerisly

3 years ago#14
Eevee. How can you resist that face? :3
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User Info: SorrySleeping

3 years ago#15
*grabs favorite pokemon list*

>Only one

Oh... hmm... Metagross.
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User Info: kai013

3 years ago#16
Lucario, my bff and companion, going on journeys and the likes. With him learning telepathy of course xD

User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#17
I'd say Gallade, it's both a great bodyguard and a great sparring partner. Not to mention, its sense of justice can help keeping me from doing stupid things myself.

User Info: 1Maniac

3 years ago#18
Garbodor. And no, I'm not joking, Garbodor is seriously one of my favorite pokemon. Not Trubbish though, just Garbodor.
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User Info: BlueInfinity

3 years ago#19
Gardevoir. I like her Pokedex entry, and I feel like she'd help me get over my self esteem issues and gain some confidence in myself.

If not that, then Luxray. For similar reasons.
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User Info: Patapon250

3 years ago#20
I'd go with Gardevoir (no, not in some horrifyingly perverted way, there's a fine line between having a romantic interest and being insanely creepy). A great companion and a great guardian, what's not to like? She'd be nice to have around ^_^
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