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Overpopulation and other serious Pokemon issues

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User Info: ElSilverWind

4 years ago#11
How many times do I have to tell you officer?!


*receives fine*
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User Info: RandomNinjas

4 years ago#12
inviso87 posted...
Pokemon Euthanization Traveling Association.

I see what you did there you sneaky potato you.
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User Info: inviso87

3 years ago#13
Franzise_D posted...
inviso87 posted...
According to a study done by Bill, the over inflation of Pokemon in today's games is very devastating and problematic. With more and more Pokemon being bred, the world is beginning to suffer as resources become thin. If things continue to grow exponentially, soon Pokemon will completely override us humans. We can, however, stop this.

3) You must Release Pokemon in certain locations. You will not be allowed to release your Level 2 Bunnelby out with the Level 48 Zoroak's. Give the poor bunny a chance!


Exactly ;)
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User Info: ForgottenTime

3 years ago#14
It's k cuz killing pokemon is how we get our meat.
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