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Which side of the long path do you take?

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User Info: Latias007

4 years ago#1
The unending road to victory - Results (13 votes)
7.69% (1 votes)
23.08% (3 votes)
I take both paths
38.46% (5 votes)
Whichever I feel like
7.69% (1 votes)
I follow my own road
23.08% (3 votes)
I just don't
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm referring to the super long road outside the Pokemon Day Care that almost everyone uses while breeding Pokemon.

Sorry for needing to remake the old poll.
To die is easy, to live is hard. Nobody ever wants to achieve what's easy.

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
I travel both paths.
Back and forth.
On my bike.
For 12 hours straight.
And box all the Beldums.
Because they don't Shine.
I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#3
I walk the road to the dawn.
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  3. Which side of the long path do you take?

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