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4th move and item for Talonflame

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User Info: Tales_of_101

3 years ago#1
Not sure what item to go with either though I want it to have roost(for priority healing) so choice items won't work.

So far I have
-Flare Blitz
-Brave Bird

Also my Greninja is holing a Life orb so Item could I give Talonflame?

User Info: _Clinton

3 years ago#2
Talonflame is a pretty flexible pokemon.

-Will-o-wisp (a neutral speed nature +252 speed EV lets it pass all 110 speed pokemon naturally, which is something I know Swellow would die for, a lot of its counters are physical based as well I might add)
-Bulk Up
-Sunny Day
-Solar Beam (on a sun team for example)
-Overheat instead of Flare Blitz (again a sun team example, but even then it wouldn't be that bad of a choice, Talon's sp attack is only 7 BST off from its physical, granted it depends on nature)

Item wise leftovers is a nice choice to help with the recoil damage. Choice Band with 4 attacks is another good choice (let it murder right off the bat - keeping it healthy in the long term)
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