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Change some things to make a pokemon usable.

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User Info: _Clinton

4 years ago#1
Some thoughts before doing this to make it more organized:
1. Feel free to change/add/buff abilities, moves, stats, type chart, towards the pokemon in general you wish to change.
2. Try to keep the original plan of the pokemon in mind, the idea is to at least give it a niche among the competition.
3. The idea is to make it usable, not broken to the point where it breaks Ubers. That means it could still be UU, NU, and whatever.
4. If you change moves try to keep in mind how that might affect others.

So I've brought this up before but:
New hidden ability: Gale Wings
Buffed stats: +10 HP and +10 SpA
New moves: Extreme Speed
Changes to moves in general that would affect this Pokemon:
Mirror Move:
-Status and Debuff attacks have accuracy raised to 100%
-Normal attacks mirrored get 1.5x more power (So something like Shadow Ball and EQ will have 120 power/150 power respectfully). Stab attacks get 2.0x power instead of normal 1.5x (so Pidgeot Mirror moving Brave Bird would be 240 power, instead of 180).
-The whole switch out and mirror move fails thing is no longer in play, if your flying comes in on EQ and the opponent switches out before you can use mirror move you still will fire off EQ.

How this change would affect other users of Mirror Move:
-Well Prankster Murkrow will enjoy this as much as a Gale Wing Pidgeot, plenty of Mirror Moves' users are naturally fast as well but I don't know how this will affect them.

-Lasts 5 turns instead of 4
Reason: I really don't know why trick room gets the full 5 and this doesn't

-Confuse rate is buffed to 40% instead of 30%
-Accuracy of it is 100% in any weather not just Rain

How this change would affect other users of Hurricane:
-Articuno and Moltres will enjoy being able to use it easier while in ice or sun for starters. Every other user will enjoy it as well. None of them have anything like Serene Grace and confuse is cured by switching so I don't see this as broken.

New hidden ability: Illusion
New Type: Poison/Dark
Illusion buff: you can freely pick who you want to look like as long as they aren't KOed before switching in.
Reasons: Stab sucker punch, coil, wrap/bind (if the illusion is successful, you can set up easier even), an immunity, 1 weakness.

Type Buff:
-Ice immune to water unless the move is scald (than weak like water is weak to freeze-dry)
-Ice neutral to fighting instead of weak
Ability change: Magic Guard
Reason: resists fighting now, has two immunities to work with, can absorb various toxics and burns. Immune to Stealth rock so the fact that it is a defensive pokemon can actually be used now. Plenty of other pokemon gain a buff from ice getting some defense changes but none of them look too broken and it really just gives more pokemon a reason to run scald over surf/hydro pump if they can. A lot of pokemon really enjoy the buff really. Rotom-frost can beat waters including Rotom-wash.

Feel free to add others.
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User Info: _Clinton

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Luigi4President

4 years ago#3
Let Castform's stats be boosted
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User Info: erekwashere15

4 years ago#4
Attack, Defense and Special Defense increase by 10
Now learns Draining Kiss, Spore, Night Slash, Hex, Lick, Outrage, Bite and Clamp

@ Victreeite
Attack and Special Attack go up by 30
Speed goes up by 30
Becomes Grass/Dark
Ability becomes Harvest
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User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#5
Unown automatically deals SE damage against everything but other Unown, and resists all attacks.

Even then, it is still terrible.
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User Info: dragondance

4 years ago#6
Farfetch'd with Moody.
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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#7
Cryogonal turns into a mist forme under sun (AS SAID in dex) is immune to all physical attacks
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User Info: Pentao

4 years ago#8
All Justified Users: Raises attack, defense, and special defense by 1 instead of just attack by 1. To set it apart from other "get hit by an attack to boost stat" abilities. Justified doesn't nullify the actual attack, so you still have to endure a hit. Knock Off is more popular this gen and if you're going to get a Justified boost, you're probably going to be getting hit by either Sucker Punch, Crunch, or Knock Off. Dark Pulse is pretty rare, and the other offensive dark type moves are Foul Play (which only Klefki and Mandibuzz really use) and Pursuit (which you can't switch into).

Gives a reason to make you consider Justified on things like Gallade and Arcanine, while also helping other Pokemon like Cobalion patch up their stats. Kinda breaks Terrakion, but everyone else appreciated it so eh.

Magma Armor Ability Change: Magma Armor increases defense against physical contact moves by 1.2x.

Move Change: Swords Dance - Boosts the base power of all "sword" and "slashing" moves by 30. These moves include Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Fury Cutter, Scratch, Slash, Cut, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Aerial Ace (it's based on a sword technique), etc. Most of these moves have low base power, and there isn't any ability attributed to slashing type attacks so... eh. It could be a stealth buff, kinda like how you have things like Defense Curl -> Roll Out. This also makes it so a person running a Swords Dance set could opt for Sacred Sword over Close Combat for the lack of defense drops, but the lack of immediate power without it too.

+Gets a Mega Form that's Fire/Ground (because of it's Volcano type inspiration).
+Mega Typhlosion has improved special attack, speed, and physical defense. (+15 Speed, +60 Sp. Attack, +25 Defense, new stats: 78/84/103/169/85/115)
+Learns Power Gem & Earth Power.
+Ability would be Magma Armor.
Reasoning: Would fit more with it's volcano theme, speed helps it get off Eruptions, buffed Magma Armor allows it to take hits, can still run other fire moves instead of Eruption with defense, Fire/Ground is incredibly powerful as a STAB combination, Power Gem + Earth Power is a pseudo edge quake, etc.
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User Info: _Clinton

4 years ago#9
Raichu line
Given Surf by HM instead of some event
Given Aqua Tail attack
Given Tail Glow

Some Stats on Tail Glow
Pumps Raichu's Special attack w/o a Lightning Rod boost to:
-697 (927 pretty much with a Life Orb). Thundurus (prankster one) has that after a nasty plot to give an example of what power that is.
-With a Lightning Rod boost the stat would be 837. (1113 with a Life Orb), making it very scary. This would beat non modest Therian Forme Thundurus. But a better example is that it would 2HKO Blissey with a thunderbolt. Meaning you don't want Raichu to absorb a lightning attack and get off a Tail Glow people (or if he does you'd better have something faster than him at least).
-Pikachu is stronger than Raichu but screw that mouse when Raichu is at least now in the 110 speed department and with a life orb is close to pika strength wise still (really close off in the special at least).

To compare and show this isn't broken. Thundurus is faster (by one point), stronger naturally, has a better type IMO, and is more bulky (79,70,80 vs 60, 55, 80), It also has a better movepool in the physical and special areas and Prankster > Lightning rod as well overall. However Thundurus isn't packing surf and overall this change in Raichu does make it a lot better killing machine to a point.

Granted Thundurus was uber last gen but again Raichu is overall a lot weaker than it.
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User Info: _Clinton

4 years ago#10
-Gets Sniper for a hidden ability, with stick the attacks Slash, Night Slash, and Leaf Blade are running off what is pretty much a 500+ attack at a neutral nature.
-Given Psycho Cut, Cross Chop, and Cross Poison. Yes Cross chop doesn't make since because it is a arm attack and not a weapon but who cares.

-Early Bird is now able to take off 3 turns of sleep instead of 2.
-This would let it set up with Acupuncture or something and with Early bird being buffed Rest would be like Roost but cure status and get a full cure. I don't see this as broken for starters because Early bird is one for the most part pretty fragile pokemon and Dodrio isn't an exception to that. Granted Kangaskhan gets it but it is Uber for now and also its loses it on going mega. And before that Kang doesn't even have any way to get beyond a +1 in a stat. Houndoom I guess is kind of dangerous with it (Nasty Plot) but at least it doesn't have any way to buff speed (base 95) and is weak to some good priority attacks and plenty of things would still scare it off.
3DS=4554-0172-6792, Pokemon Y Friend Safari. Electric w/ Electabuzz, Pachirisu, and Manectric
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