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Finally got MM to work!

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User Info: kazooie959

3 years ago#1
And even though the trapinch rolled random on it's attack it still got a 28!


I'm calling this one a win! So satisfying!

only 800 eggs too!
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User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#2
Nice. Good job.
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User Info: CyberWhiteTiger

3 years ago#3

800 eggs is a lot but I have just about reached that with my Fennekin MMing with no shiny to show for it yet. I am going to keep going until I get my silver fox. And Froakie I really like shiny Greninja!
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User Info: rojse

3 years ago#4
Oh, that is a sweet Trapinch, and it has full IVs for HP, DEF, SDEF and Speed. I'm jealous.

User Info: fluvr305

3 years ago#5
Congrats man,10+ boxes of Aron here ;_;
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User Info: TheSnubbz

3 years ago#6
fluvr305 posted...
Congrats man,10+ boxes of Aron here ;_;

I feel the pain. I have 12 boxes full of Eevee's and going D:

User Info: Escheria

3 years ago#7
Wow, I'm jealous :D I have a shiny Flygon on Diamond but its nowhere as good as yours :D
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User Info: john151bacardi

3 years ago#8
Congrats! Though I got lucky once and hatched (MM) a shiny Fennekin after 71 eggs.

Then tried my luck again for a shiny Lotad, but after almost 5 boxes I just couldn't do it anymore :/
"Only hall of fame I'll be inducted in is the Alcohol of Fame on the Wall of Shame!"

User Info: EvilSaurus

3 years ago#9
Congrats! That's actually a pretty cool one XD

User Info: vanitas11

3 years ago#10
How did you manage to get 5-6 pervect IVs from a foreign player? :O
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