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Next Pokemon Game? Any series or spinoff

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User Info: ZombieTJ101

3 years ago#1
The reason they won't announce Z because it would hurt sales of XY. Quite possibly that is why they keep the 3rd versions after two years. At 14 million sales for BW compared to 18 million for DP. You will want to wait two years to maximize XY sales especially because were on a new console. It didn't have as many sales as DS Lite.

What I do know is the detective game will be in 2015.

Now we know there will be the usual Mystery Dungeon somewhere in this generation but where?

If you think about it, we will have two of the usual Pokemon spinoffs next year possibly three. That is the the sequel to Pokemon Box and Ranch which is now Pokemon Bank and Super Smash Bros and a possibility of Pokemon Trozei because its a puzzle game. Thats easy to create and finish.

What do you think the next Pokemon software announcement will be truly about? When do you think that announcement will happen? January like XY or May like Platinum/HGSS?

User Info: The_3rd_Oracle

3 years ago#2
Oculus Rift Pokemon Snap 2
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User Info: SeijiNL

3 years ago#3
Pokemon XD remakes. Please, we gotta know if Ardos revives Cipher or not! (If it never gets made I'm assuming the latter but... I still want it.)
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User Info: gk2012

3 years ago#4
They already announced it months ago.

It's that creepy faced Pikachu detective game.|0

User Info: K0m8y

3 years ago#5
I'm not quite sure, though there's still that Pokemon game which they teased us about at the end of the pokemon appreciation video that the pokemon youtube channel had put up. Y'know the one with Lucario and Mega Blaziken? It seemed like a console 3d fighting game which has me excited although I don't have a Wii U.

My fave pokemon spin off has weirdly been the ranger series. I wouldn't mind one on the 3ds.
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