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Worst/Most unbelievable battle you've had this generation

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User Info: EasyEnough

3 years ago#31
EmperorZangoose posted...
The most weird battle I ever had is this. I use Toxic Boost Zangoose holding a Toxic Orb, his moves are Facade, Shadow Claw, Protect and Close Combat. I changed Shadow Claw for Thief and took off the Toxic Orbs so I could rob some Luvdiscs. Then I went online, forgetting to change the moves back. I end up going into a battle and my opponent sends out Gliscor and uses Toxic Spikes so I switch Zangoose in (after realising my mistake). Oddly, the Gliscor doesn't have a Toxic Orb of its own, which is what I was expecting to see. After sending Zangoose in, I hit the Gliscor with Facade, nearly killing it. On the next turn, I realise I still have Thief and Zangoose has no item. I use Thief on Gliscor to kill it, and what does Zangoose steal? Garchompite.

Lol. Maybe he thought it said Gliscorite?
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User Info: 0AbsolutZero0

3 years ago#32
Smeargle w/Focus Sash, Endeavor, and Extreme Speed
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User Info: Wetstew

3 years ago#33
My favorite so far is Furfrou vs Haxorus (with Guillotine)

Mimic Furfrou. Gimmicky as hell, but when it works it's glorious.
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