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Well I'll miss it (Pre-Pokebank OU)

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User Info: Pitbuller_26

3 years ago#1
I can't be the only one enjoyed Non-Pokebank OU more than Pokebank OU. Farewell to thee, time to alter or create new teams.

User Info: VergilsGirl

3 years ago#2
Well, since the Bank is currently not released again and has no new release date, it may still be awhile since people are scrambling to find Pokes.
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User Info: Inferno05

3 years ago#3
Never played by tiers in 6th gen, I figured we'd have to wait for the bank to really have a meta, as trying to check an established meta against possible changes on every unavailable Pokemon would be a mess.
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User Info: Ryoukai

3 years ago#4
I think I enjoy the new viable Kalos Pokemon more than the actual metagame. I'm hopeful that I can still have fun with my Non-Pokebank OU team even with the arrival of the Bank.
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User Info: random_noobie

3 years ago#5
i want UU to come out.

i have a feeling most of my 'mons are UU.
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