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The reason why I'm so bad at battling is because I'm emotionally invested.

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User Info: Alex_Hayden

3 years ago#21
ExcIusivity69 posted...
A Pokémon player that doesn't like battling is like a Mario Kart player that doesn't like raciing. The entire game revolves around battling, and the new mechanics introduced each gen improve on the mechanics. Even outside of multiplayer, you still battle constantly. You get challenged the moment you recieve your starter, you get challenged constantly when going through a new route, and you battle gym leaders, evil team organizations, your rivals, elite four, etc. It's pretty weird for someone to not want to be a pokémon trainer, and yet still play the main series games (which is what it's all about). What do you even do in the games if you're not battling? If you don't want to be a trainer, and don't like battling, then the main series pokémon games are not for you, and that's what the spin offs are for.

I mostly play battle mode in Mario Kart.

The main series of Pokemon has room to grow in areas outside of battling. Bare minimum, there should be the ability to move pokemon from the main games to spinoff games, and vice versa. That way you can play with the pokemon you spent time raising, or transfer over a rare pokemon found in a spinoff to raise and battle with in the main games.

There should definitely be more options in the main games. I'd love some serious breeding options, rather than relying on npc breeders. It'd be so cool if npc trainers brought pokemon to you to raise/breed for them, with the possibility of keeping spare eggs/rejects for yourself. I'd love similar npc interaction with regard to players opening their own gyms.

Pokemon contests should return, and Pokemon amie should be expanded and integrate more intuitively with the way pokemon are raised/strengthened.

There is great potential for Pokemon to evolve far beyond it's simple beginnings. Some of us don't want it to hold the everstone. We aren't afraid of change, we encourage it.
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  3. The reason why I'm so bad at battling is because I'm emotionally invested.

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