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Least favorite Pokemon from each generation?

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User Info: Mr_Ice_Pickle

3 years ago#1
Topic title. You can either do a single Pokémon from each generation or a single evolutionary line. No split-generation evolution lines, though.

trubbish vanillite all other gen 5 and 6 pokemon

User Info: zihark333

3 years ago#2
Kanto: Jynx
Johto: Delibird
Hoenn: Swalot
Sinnoh: Purugly
Unova: Garbador
Kalos: Dedenne
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User Info: M4nnimal

3 years ago#3
Gen I: Mr. Mime / Jynx
Gen II: Unknown
Gen III: Luvdisc
Gen IV: Garchomp
Gen V: Conkeldurr
Gen VI: Delphox
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User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#4
Kanto : Zubat
Johto : Snubbull
Hoenn : Wingull
Sinnoh : Probopass or Tangrowth
Unova: Stunfisk. My boyfriend doesn't like Mincinno.
Kalos: Espurr or Flabébé.


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User Info: Metalgenesis

3 years ago#5
1. Exeggcute line
2. Meganium (love the prevos though)
3. Hariyama
4. Fence-Llama... I mean Arceus
5. Klink line
6. Swirlix line
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User Info: Mr_Ice_Pickle

3 years ago#6
Sopheroo posted...
Unova: Stunfisk. must be joking....
No one disrespects our future overlord Stunfisk. No one.

User Info: Xigbar777

3 years ago#7
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User Info: NegaZelda

3 years ago#8
Kanto: Charmander line
Johto: Larvitar line
Hoenn: Bagon line
Sinnoh: Gible line
Unova: Axew line
Kalos: Tyrunt line

Yeah I really don't like Dragon types or Dragon-like Pokemon. My favourite Dragons are the ones that don't even look like stereotypical Dragons (so Kingdra, Altaria etc.).
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User Info: evilmark443

3 years ago#9
1) Porygon - Terrible, unimaginitive design, and horrible move pool.

2) TTar - terrible design, looks horrible. (if I'm remembering incorrectly and he's not gen 2, then soodowoodo)

3) hmm ... not sure ... Sableye maybe? Seemed so cool when I first read about it, but was highly dissapointed with its results in the main game. Replaced it pretty quickly.

4) My absolute most hated Pokemon of all time, GLISCOR! Seriously, this thing pisses me off like only my wife can, I'd rather take on Funbro with a Magikarp than see this thing again ...

5) Pignite's final form, can't remember the name. Ugliest starter ever created.

6) the Water/Fire legendary - I know its not released yet, but this is a dual-type I've had a vision for since Gen 1, and this is NOT it. Ugly as sin, and looks more like a Sci-Fi tank than a pokemon. Complete lack of any creativity on this one ...

User Info: JayBiGs86

3 years ago#10
1- Mr. Mime (My hatred for Mimes in real life crosses into games, apparently.)
2- Stantler (Never liked it when it came out and it was made redundant and even more worthless with better deer in future generations.)
3- Castform (Silly design in my opinion.)
4- Mime Jr. (See above.)
5- Alomomola (Just seems worthless to me.)
6- Klefki (Hate the design and the idea behind it.)
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