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Nickname for Whimiscott?

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User Info: Torsque

3 years ago#1
I'm breeding a Whimiscott, but the nickname I had in mind is blocked (Pumpkin Spice) </3

Anyone wanna help me out with a cute nickname?

Fire away~
I need a lemon

User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#2
3DS FC: 1864-8493-9429
Currently playing: Pokemon FireRed

User Info: spealfan444

3 years ago#3
These boards are a creature of Chaos, they may take many incarnations.
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User Info: Fludkick

3 years ago#4
Whimiscott is a good nickname for Whimsicott.
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User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#5
Troll Jr.
STAB Quick Attack. Staraptor.

User Info: Loremas1861

3 years ago#6
FC for Pokemon X and Y: 1161-0180-2383
"Ches is Chesus Crist" - My hell-bent father

User Info: Torsque

3 years ago#7
endergamer537 posted...

That one's nice :o

The other's are... interesting, too

Keep some ideas coming, don't be shy~
I need a lemon

User Info: ElpollogabazXII

3 years ago#8
Cotton tree?
FC: 4554-0946-9339 IGN Josepe/ Official Shiny Flying Gym Leader
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User Info: Metalgenesis

3 years ago#9
Whitney or Eli after the inventor of the cotton gin.
3DS FC: 1805-2186-8045 Mii: Scoot

User Info: El_Chourico

3 years ago#10
Mine is named BIG N****
FC: 3539-9660-6845
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