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Change a pokemon's ability to make it broken

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User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#31
Let's give Mantine lightning rod!
Inside there was a bread roll!
...But it bread rolled away

User Info: daidalos94

3 years ago#32
the most broken one would be huge power/pure power slaking i think

User Info: Big_Pecks

3 years ago#33
Fur Coat Blissey.
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User Info: OmniMidKnight

3 years ago#34
Magic bounce florges

Filter spiritomb

Pixilate Granbull
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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

3 years ago#35
Huge Power Mega Heracross

Protean Mewtwo

Shedinja that can shift between Magic Guard and Sturdy

Shadow Tag Gengar... o wait

User Info: xnaruto69x

3 years ago#36
prankster smeargle

User Info: Blackcat0123

3 years ago#37
Fur Coat Shuckle

With Sandstorm and Assault Vest
PSN: Blackcat012 3DS FC: 0834 1716 7409
"If a tree falls down in a forest, and no one is around, would anyone notice your car just got stolen?"

User Info: Mr_Golden_Sun

3 years ago#38
Contrary Deoxys.
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User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

3 years ago#39
Ultima_Wraith posted...
Toxic Heal Blissey
End Topic

This is like seriously how I deal with blissey and chansey a like.
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User Info: Felix6464

3 years ago#40
Parental Bond Slaking

Prepare your diddly-holes! : D
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