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what games are you playing while waiting on pokebank

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User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#31
xXDeadWulfXx posted...
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

I miss tigrex and Kut ku :c
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User Info: astrangeone

3 years ago#32
Monster Hunter 3U, a little bit of Pokemon White (just transferring my really old stuff from the games)...I fing hate that Poketransfer mini-game. How hard was it to make it automatic? (I gave up on transferring stuff quite quickly....)

Maybe Link Between Worlds (it's way too short, and I don't feel like trying to beat the asinine mini-games for pieces of heart). I should start the master quest/hero mode although.
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User Info: lordlazzlo

3 years ago#33
While not breeding in Y, I play DotA 2, trying to finish Tales of Xillia, and getting plat on Dai 2 Ji Super Robot Taisen OG and Atelier Rorona.
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User Info: tarzanmx

3 years ago#34
Pokémon X :c

But yeah, also Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, New Super Luigi U, and I'll be getting Super Mario 3D World.

Oh, yeah. Can't forget about Team Fortress 2 and Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (trying to beat it in "Hard As Balls", to no success).
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