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FINALLY is all I can say about why don't they finally do the rest?

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User Info: kokobeng10000

3 years ago#81
Such a dumb idea. The anime is dumb, the pokemons can say their their names yet cant say anything else. its dumb as bigfoot
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User Info: Darth_Haro

3 years ago#82
I took Pikachu being the only one to get a VA'd cry to be a reference to Pokemon Yellow, and the Stadium games where a Pikachu from Yellow would have the VA.

User Info: fuzi11

3 years ago#83
Pikachu is one of the rare Pokemon that have the same name in all regions. Having 5000s of audiofiles in the cartridge won't fit.

I guess Arbok, Mew and the other pixie legends are the other ones with the same name. Are there others?

User Info: overmaxx

3 years ago#84
Pokemon are MONSTERS, they should sound like such.

I think I would honestly stop playing if they sounded like in the anime. For one, it doesn't make a lick of sense.
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User Info: pikachuboy7

3 years ago#85
If all the pokemon said things like they do in the anime, half of them would still roar or make their animal noises anyways and every time any pokemon that ever "spoke" (Mewtwo, Jirachi, Meowth, Lucario, etc) people would either be disappointed they don't speak or be mad at the wrong VA being used... also they would need different calls for almost every region based on the names not being consistent among all languages
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User Info: takashi351

3 years ago#86
Pokémon don't say their name. They're named after the sound they make. At least that's how I always thought of it as a kid.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#87
takashi351 posted...
Pokémon don't say their name. They're named after the sound they make. At least that's how I always thought of it as a kid.

Imagine if that's how it worked in the real world.

"Look at that there Coo!"
"Hey, there, Bark!"
"Meow, how's it going?"
"Don't you just love the zoo? Oh, look! It's a IUOEHCFEUIOCHGWE78DWIOSWOHWHEEEEEEEEW."
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User Info: Storm Chamber

Storm Chamber
3 years ago#88
thrashmetal59 posted...
The games way to using sounds is more realistic. Can you imagine running into a deer in the forest and instead of doing what a deer does when it gets spooked it goes "DEER DEER DURR DURR." *runs away* "DURR DEET DEER DEER deer deer deer..."

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User Info: Wings of Forte

Wings of Forte
3 years ago#89
This topic is a bad idea amongst bad ideas.

Ever since the anime started endorsing failure, I've detested it. And that fulminous rat spewing its stupid name all over the place is one of the few things I do not like about this game.
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User Info: BackwardCap

3 years ago#90
Just to put it into perspective there are 718 (officially confirmed) Pokemon overall. The game also supports 7 different languages resulting in most Pokemon having different names and thus different cries for each aside from Pikachu.

Calculating that, you'd have a total of 5,020 different voice files that would need to be recorded and paid for. Then they would probably need tone variations for each gender.

Subtracting the Male only, Female only, and genderless Pokemon from the equation you have an additional 4,285 cries for a total of 9,305.

That means the company would need to gather at least 9,305 voice actors (assuming no one voices multiple Pokemon) who would all need to be paid and possibly accommodated depending on how they plan on doing recording sessions.

That's not even getting into the fact that each Pokemon would need an intro cry & fainting cry (like Pikachu has) making a grand total of 18,610 different sound files to be added into the game.

A quick google search shows that the pay rate per voice actor can be anywhere from $250 - $4,000 depending on the length of the voice over and size of the audience that hears it. That makes the overall cost $2,326,250 - $37,220,000 just for voices.
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  3. FINALLY is all I can say about why don't they finally do the rest?

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