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I feel like I'm taking WAY too long developing my competitive team.

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  3. I feel like I'm taking WAY too long developing my competitive team.

User Info: Inferno4501

3 years ago#1
A month has passed and I still need to breed my gilgar. I still haven't even started ev training. Am I taking too long? I'm gonna try to finish by Wednesday.
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User Info: Jmandal

3 years ago#2
When I started competitive battling it took me forever to make a competitive team. I spent a lot of time research pokes and breeding (no destiny knot method back then). I wouldn't worry about it :) When I finally got to doing matches I went 6-0 before losing haha
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User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#3
That's why Pokegen is always the answer. Stupid Nintendo and their delayed Pokebank.

You can also use Pokemon Showdown. I'm using that until Pokebank comes online.
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User Info: Lucidious89

3 years ago#4
I haven't settled on a team yet since the game was released. I get too distracted trying to breed other things. I bred a Brave 31/31/31/x/31/0 Curse Tyrantrum. Why? I have no idea. I'm never gonna use that.

...But maybe one day I will. And that's enough for me.

Now i'm off to breed my Mild Me First Accelgor. As if i'll ever use that, either.
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User Info: znyrk

3 years ago#5
I have probably spent a couple of weeks on getting three 5/6 Perfect IV-right nature and ability and EV trained candidates to my team. I play a lot of the time during a day but it still goes slowly due to me checking out and reading on movesets and pokemons, doing stupid mistakes in breeding, like forgetting I'm not going for egg moves and not using higher IV parents available and such.

I'm also breeding pokemons not only for a specific team but also I'm breeding pokemons I love and may be viable for other future teams, basically I'm slowly but surely breeding every pokemon I like and have good stats that potentially could be used in a team for online play.
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User Info: drizleo

3 years ago#6
Depends on how you look at it before Gale wings talonflame became so popular I felt as if I had my team set. Now with meta and pokebank in japan coming into play I'm back at the drawing board
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

3 years ago#7
Competitive doesn't start until Pokebank is fully launched. Don't worry about how you're doing for time, because we've still got a long way to go with this gen.
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User Info: MegaDuran

3 years ago#8
thats why you start with something. and then just keep going.

i pretty much had a box of competitive pokemon before i even had the slightest kind of a real team
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  3. I feel like I'm taking WAY too long developing my competitive team.

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