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IVs are an elaborate form of padding

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User Info: ClassyOldHat

3 years ago#11
Hozu posted...
ClassyOldHat posted...
PokeMin111 posted...
they exist to make pokemon unique.

Too bad natures and abilities do that far, far more visibly than IVs ever did, while not giving some players straight-up advantages over others solely due to luck. Face it, there's no reason to keep them around anymore; players never even noticed them when they were the only variation between completely EV trained Pokemon, and now we have stuff that players can actually read and appreciate.

Don't forget characteristics. And PID. EVs make Pokémon unique too.

My sarcasm detector has been on the fritz lately. Are you mocking my post, or am I just being paranoid? PID is even less noticeable to casual players than IVs in making Pokemon unique, outside of its effects on Wumple. (And maybe gender? It's been a while since I looked up all the things it controls.)
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