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4th move for galvantula?

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User Info: Stanemac12

3 years ago#1
I love having galvantula on my team but I'm having trouble deciding on a 4th move for him.

I've got right now for my first 3; Thunder, Bug Buzz, and Sticky Web. Obviously those 3 are all good options, but the 4th is up in the air. Here are what I've been considering, and I would love help choosing which to go with.

Energy ball - improve my type coverage
Volt switch - scouting and escape mechanism, stab as a bonus
Thunder wave - He's fast so crippling enemy can be really helpful

User Info: MC_34543

3 years ago#2
I'm for volt switch :). Just has the most utility.

User Info: KazeRonin357

3 years ago#3
I use Volt Switch for utility, and Energy Ball in Battle Maison for type coverage (because the Maison loved throwing Ground/Water types at me). But I also think you should consider Gastro Acid as well, and I may very well throw a Heart scale in order for my Galvantula to learn it.

User Info: joey11223

3 years ago#4
Personally I run this (life orb) Galvantula on my bug team...

Thunder (powerful STAB, annihilates many a foe)
Bug buzz (other powerful STAB)
Energy ball
Sticky web

If I wasn't going for sticky web support I'd go for volt switch.

User Info: Verkins

3 years ago#5
I run this Galvantula with Focus Sash

Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Volt Switch

Saves me at dire moments at times. <3
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