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A Fact That Might Prove Hoenn Remakes

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User Info: pyrotempestwing

3 years ago#31
zelionx posted...
SorrySleeping posted...

Gen 3-4 transfer have it done right.

You mean the transfer that only let you get 6 pokemon every 24 hours?

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User Info: the_cajun88

3 years ago#32
RatheV posted...
Because Hoenn remakes are the only way this could work.

Hell, they can make them catchable in Z/ the third game/pair after X/Y.
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User Info: CountPopeula

3 years ago#33
Here's the thing. The remakes were never about being able to catch x pokemon in y generation. There is nothing stopping GF from putting any pokemon in any game. But remakes are easier to do. They don't introduce new pokemon and they have a minimal amount of scenario planning and scripting. They also generally run on the same engine as the precious game in the series with slight improvements and tweaks, so there are not a lot of resources being used. That's why remakes get made.

The odds that there's some sort of remake this gen with the X and Y engine is pretty good, honestly. And Gen III is in the same position that I and II were. It's an old game that runs on outdated hardware most people have disposed of by now. Or that the target audience was too young to have ever owned in the first place.
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