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New hypothesis about why IVs are still there (NOT so long)

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User Info: Skyknight

3 years ago#1
Granted that I mentioned this in my last thread, but this should be a faster way for people to notice it.

The main thorn about whether GF still valued IVs to me was Destiny Knot. Preserving 5 IVs=excellent chance of preserving zenith ones. One left to fluctuate (and IVs still there to begin with)=they still want variation. Because of why IVs were around in G1 (you know, before they had even a fraction of a thought of anyone wanting to play this competitively on anything even approaching Smogon levels?), I figured it was a matter of an aesthetic principle they wanted to keep around. Still odd with the Destiny Knot, though...

Then I realized that Hidden Power is still IV-dependent.

Basically, I don't think anyone fancies an important G5 fighter that relied on a Hidden Power to suddenly get that Power's type changed when transferred to G6. Now consider that (a) XY was announced unusually soon after B2W2 (even considering that they began work on XY shortly after BW was published, that's still less time than normal), and (b) constructing all those 3D models, complete with physical strike, special strike, struck, and fainting animations, would take a lot of time (as in, even less time for everything else). I think Nintendo was pressuring GF to get on the actual 3D bandwagon, preferably before they really got to work on a successor to the 3DS system. Seeing how GF is a second-party publisher, not third-party, this would work better than you might otherwise expect. So, some things get pushed lower in priority. And it looks like one of them was developing a new way to determine Hidden Power that would both preserve the type held by transfers AND allow a Fairy-based HP to exist. They'd need to both properly program in the new variable, and give PokeTransfer a way to translate HP types from the BW programming language to the XY one. In a compressed allotted time, it was just more viable to keep the old system. Top priority would be transfer preservation, and this did the job. And if they really were considering jettisoning IVs, then Destiny Knot's new effect is an oblique way to keep much of that intent while planning a way for G7 to jettison IVs, preserve transfer HP types, AND allow Fairy HP. Leaving one IV to change even lets offspring have a good chance of a different HP type, which you'd expect if they'd been able to create a new variable.
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User Info: SalsaSavant

3 years ago#2
Because they want each Pokemon to be different in main-game.

But they accept that people will breed or hack for competitive regardless, so they might as well make it easy.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

3 years ago#3
Seems like a pretty reasonable explanation. It would also explain the weak postgame (even by the standards of a "first pair,") and the awkward transport method, even when third parties have made single-system DS-to-3DS data transfers without the need for constant online.
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User Info: darkflagrance

3 years ago#4
They could nonetheless introduce some kind of iv training to give a mon back the missing points from ivs. Something like that would allow your otherwise trashy ingame mons to have competitive potential and give the shiny charm some use. You could have uniqueness along with every mon capable of becoming the best they could be.
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