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What is your favourite move name?

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User Info: mijuwott

3 years ago#1
I like the name of Jirachi's move, Doom Desire. It just sounds so badass or something.
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User Info: Eagles_Shadow

3 years ago#2
I always likes how spacial rend sounded.
Don't know why though.
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User Info: Azure_Flame

3 years ago#3
Spatial Rend, easy.
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User Info: ChapFromKrugis

3 years ago#4
I'm kinda diggin' Fell Stinger.
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User Info: deidara21

3 years ago#5
Roar of time
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User Info: IceYoshi

3 years ago#6
Luster Purge
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User Info: reflectives

3 years ago#7
octazooka >:-)

User Info: the_cajun88

3 years ago#8
Land's Wrath
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User Info: crennigo

3 years ago#9
Final Gambit, it sounds very hardcore.

User Info: M4nnimal

3 years ago#10
Eruption, because Domon Kasshu.
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