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With no eShop and no Bank, How should Nintendo compensate players?

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User Info: shadowenclave47

4 years ago#121
tarzanmx posted...
jneal57 posted...
blueberry muffins taste good.

This person speaks the one truth.

And i agree with you two.
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User Info: tarzanmx

4 years ago#122
Say, I wrote a parody of "Can't beat Airman" in this thread.

Anyone wanna go check it out? I'm bored and I think we could all benefit from something to take our minds off the topic at hand and let them cool.
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User Info: Soul_of_Yveltal

4 years ago#123
RatheV posted...
Ruwalk posted...
Soul_of_Yveltal posted...
$5 x the amount of people with e shop access = $240,000,000 loss.

According to wikipedia a combination 48,000,000 3ds and wii u have been sold.

...excellent point. Yikes.

Either way I don't really think we need compensation. If you play enough computer games you know there are times where servers just can't take the load. Shame on Nintendo for not thinking but, I get the feeling this was going to happen one way or another.

But that's assuming that everybody buys pokebank. That'd be more pokebank users than sold copies of xy. That's not as big of a loss as you say it is, they're only really losing however much the servers cost.

I was basing it on this. "$5-10 credit on everyone's eShop balance"
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User Info: Blackheart0184

4 years ago#124
They should give us a special in-game consumable that affects whatever Pokémon who consumes it in a very very powerful way....

That consumable significantly affects the Pokémon in many ways possible.

1) It automatically gives that Pokémon the highest possible IV and EV compared to any other Pokémons out there.

2) It will also let you change it's original Ability to any Ability you have seen or encountered from other Pokémons in the game. (in short you're going to need to either own a Pokémon with the certain Ability that you want or at least battled against a Pokémon who has that Ability to be able to copy it).

3) It also automatically changes the original color of your Pokémon. Making it a "Shiny".

4) That Pokémon then losses it's ability to mate or breed with others. To prevent those people who,likes to breed Pokemon from trying to replicate this unique Pokémon.

Oh and you also only get one of these consumables once you have signed up for Pokemon Bank. A pokémon can not hold this item or trade this item.

That would be the day, more likely we wont get anything other than that Celebi.
"Give them nothing, but take from them everything"

User Info: CheckmateD1

4 years ago#125
x2link777 posted...
CheckmateD1 posted...
I am not being blatantly hostile, not even close. However you are still in the wrong, and have yet to give a truly valid argument. Your turn.

It takes more effort to click a topic, read the initial post, and post a reply telling people to stop posting valid complaints, than to just ignore the topic completely and click another topic. So no, your logic is pretty faulty. Yes, I could just put you on the ignore list, but given how little room I have (when you frequent certain system boards, you'll find out just how limited your ignore list really is, especially the WIi U and XboxOne boards) I'd prefer to save those slots for ACTUAL trolls.

And the simple act of trying to change people's actions, which you have admitted to doing, can be considered hostile. Furthermore, I'm mainly taking that point while speaking in regards to funeral, who most certainly is being hostile. People want to voice their complaints, and it's far less of an inconvenience to you to just ignore this topic and others like it, then it is for me and those who are sick of you and funerals attempts to "change peoples minds" to find a topic without you guys telling us to shut up and stop complaining.

My logic would be faulty were I to be doing this constantly. But the thing is, you seem to assume that I do this in lots of topics. I actually do tend to ignore a number of these topics. I tend to click on those that have a higher post count, or have an interesting topic title. I voiced my concern in this one, but I am not always doing this.

Besides, I don't mind being inconvenienced if the result is having people read what I have to say. So for me it is worth the inconvenience. You seem to be much more bothered by those that disagree with you. I would think it is not worth the inconvenience for you, yet you continue to argue here.

It does take more effort than to just go to another topic, and more often than not I will do just that (or quote someone whom I agree with and be on my way). In this case though, I've seen you making assumptions that some people are forcing their opinions on others, which is not quite the case, whereas you are doing so in a rather direct and stern manner, so I addressed it.

And you're mistaken about me trying to persuade people as being a hostile act. I have not shown signs of hostility. If anything, I would say that you're addressing my posts in a very hostile manner yourself. In fact, I should mention that the main reason I've continued to address my concerns here is your own acts of hostility.

So, just like this topic time and time again, I'm seeing less and less content to shed light on from this argument. I still feel you're in the wrong here. Anything else you'd like to address?
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User Info: RatheV

4 years ago#126
Soul_of_Yveltal posted...

I was basing it on this. "$5-10 credit on everyone's eShop balance"

Oh, whoops. I read that, and yet somehow failed to connect the dots >.> My bad!

User Info: JayBiGs86

4 years ago#127
I don't think they need to offer any compensation, but - as was stated earlier in the topic - I think it could be a good business/PR move for them to offer something to say "We're sorry and appreciate your support through this difficult situation."

We aren't OWED anything, but that doesn't mean they can't offer some kind of token peace offering to help smooth over those disgruntled fans who were looking forward to something integral to "completing" the game in the sense that we need those Bank 'mons to finish our Dex.
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User Info: minun73

4 years ago#128
Shiny hidden ability Sinnoh starters! :)
3ds friend code: 2208 5506 9979 playing PKMN x. Add me but send pm if you do. :)
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User Info: GalacticAnthem

4 years ago#129
I honestly don't care about compensation. Just want E-Shop, Bank, and Transporter up and functioning properly.

tarzanmx posted...
jneal57 posted...
blueberry muffins taste good.

This person speaks the one truth.

Only the homemade kind will do. Fresh from the oven. Mmmm.

User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#130
Let's hope they won't compensate us with a stronger filter update.
If not, I won't have a chance to get few of those past missed event pokemon from other traders since it's very rare now (arceus, jirachi etc).
IGN: Kaoru FC: 0877-1052-4802
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