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Bad plays you've made when battling?

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User Info: GloryChaos

3 years ago#1
People have been posting a lot of showdown videos lately where they curbstomp terrible opponents. Either that, or they talk about how a pokemon is good because they beat a bad player on battlespot who was using ubers.

At the end of the day, if you actually watch all of those in game replays or showdown videos, you'll see a lot of bad players making bad moves. But as I watched forretress set up full layers of hazards against haxorus, I started thinking to myself. Haven't we all made bad plays at some point? Maybe these guys are just new players who have yet to really make some bad plays of their own.

So this topic is dedicated to our bad plays. The misplays and mistakes we've made when battling opponents. Share some of yours here.
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User Info: GloryChaos

3 years ago#2
This one's from fifth gen.

I was fighting a drought player and I thought his team looked a little weird. At one point, I switched my latias into Ninetales. Ninetales used safeguard on the switch. I wondered why they had safeguard on Ninetales at all instead of something like toxic or will-o-wisp. But I didn't think about it too much.

Since my opponent had bisharp, I figured that I'd just dragon pulse the switch in and then switch out of the obvious sucker punch. As I expected, my opponent switched to bisharp. So I decided to switch to sableye, expecting my opponent to use sucker punch. They went for the Sword's dance instead.

Big deal, I think to myself. I'll just go for the will-o-wisp and cripple him right now. I use will-o-wisp. Safeguard blocks it. My opponent realized I was going to do something stupid and uses sucker punch again. And I'm left feeling like an idiot in front of a +4 bisharp.

This was also the battle where I found out that breloom and bisharp have the same base speed.
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User Info: Achana

3 years ago#3
In a rotation battle, I walked right into someone who was setting up Dragonite. It went like this:

1: I use Sucker Punch, but they use Dragon Dance.
2: I switch to Politoed and open with Ice Beam, but despite the crit it doesn't knock Dragonite out. Weakness Policy activates.

The worst part is that I knew exactly what the Dragonite was capable of: I had been watching this person battle shortly before we ran into each other on Battle Spot. But I just completely forgot about Dragon Dance and Weakness Policy. The only reason I won was because I had already set up one of my other Pokemon.
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User Info: Octaz

3 years ago#4

Watch me embarass myself vs. a guy using Umbreon, itemless Blissey, and the legendary Silver Wind Scizor. Scores of horrible misplays, including:

Overpredicting/overestimating (?) my opponent and letting Kabutops eat a Toxic for no reason
Saccing Kabutops for no reason, when it's the only way I have of getting past Umbreon and Blissey!
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by forgetting to set Gothitelle's attack IV to 0 and losing to Foul Play Umbreon.


User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#5
I've never made a mistake ever. The only time I've ever lost was to hackers. jk.
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User Info: tsunamisurfer08

3 years ago#6
Somehow I completely derped on Volcarona being a bug and left Malamar in on it.
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User Info: gxmaster

3 years ago#7
This one's from this gen.

Of course, weather teams are no longer common, so I obviously no longer have my gen 5 mindset.

Someone challenges me through PSS and has a sand team with Excadrill. I'm able to make the score 6-3 with pretty decent play. However, some turns in with the sand up, he brings in his Excadrill. Mistake 1, it doesn't occur to me that his Excadrill obviously has Sand Rush even though I'm clearly against a sand team. Mistake 2, I don't pay attention to the fact that his Excadrill didn't show the Mold Breaker message. He sets up a Swords Dance and I miss a Sleep Powder. I thought "no big deal, I'll send in my Scarf Hydreigon to take it out". Long story short, I proceed to get swept because I completely just derp and don't even consider the fact that his Excadrill is Sand Rush and just get outsped the rest of the battle.
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User Info: Suichimo

3 years ago#8
Cafe Le Wow, haven't done anything online yet, doubles third match(Milotic and Wobbufett). I've DD'd my Gyarados a couple of times while burning turns. I have it use Earthquake to take out Wobb, Talonflame took out Milotic, and Roosted with Talonflame. Normally tgis isn't a problem as Gyarados outspeeds Talonflame after DDing.

I forgot about Galewings...
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User Info: grys-vok

3 years ago#9
Worst move I've made is not using Lucario's Close Combat on a Rotom-W when it was down to both our last Pokemon, because I hardly played Gen 5 and thought it was still a Ghost type
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User Info: EmperorZangoose

3 years ago#10
Went online with Lucky Eggs on all my party members instead of the items they should have. Also my team includes Toxic Boost Zangoose, which I used without realising it had no Toxic Orb.
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