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How to get a Pokebank Legend; for the impatient people.

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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#11
The random number said 9; minun73 wins the first Slakoth!

Also, only one attempt per page, people ;3
Rotom: 3308-5985-4794

User Info: Sloth9230

3 years ago#12
Here we go again! :D
Proud owner of a Ditto Friend Safar!!!! :D
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User Info: ggvtp

3 years ago#13
shiny ditto named "Imposter" lol and i got a kyurem + it was in a uball :p
fc: 2938 - 7162 - 5850 vullaby,cacturne,absol

User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#14
I guess I'll enter for the heck of it.
"Calm down. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that this is the internet.

User Info: Azure_Flame

3 years ago#15
Tryin' again, here we go!
Official Crimson Spinda of the Pokemon X board

User Info: Alphanumeric

3 years ago#16
*holds up spork*

User Info: neo_person

3 years ago#17
Nice tips
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User Info: mosesdjr

3 years ago#18
Thanks for the tips!
IGN: Moses
FC: 2294-3932-4662 | Ghost Safari: Phantump, Lampent, Spiritomb

User Info: CountPopeula

3 years ago#19
This worked for me. I put up an Icy Snow Vivillon for a Koffing. Traded a bunch of breeding reject Koffings for Xerneas, Yveltal, and Mewtwo, as well as the rest of the pokemon breedable I needed. Traded a Xerneas for a Unown, traded the Unown for a Virizion, and turned that into a dex entry for every single pokebank legend, excluding events.

Someone also traded a shiny level 100 6IV Landorus for something I put up, either Regigigas or Suicine, I forget. Got that cloned and traded the two of them for a 6IV ditto and a 5IV Shiny Hawlucha.

I did all that from one single Vivillon in two days. There's no excuse for just coming here and whinging you can't get pokebank exclusives.
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it. - Voltaire

User Info: Nightstar1994

3 years ago#20
GTS won't give you Event Legendaries.
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