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Pokemon Gen 6 Release Timeline Guess

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User Info: ZombieTJ101

4 years ago#1
We got the Regi Trio and Lati@s available in BW2 last year. But we still need a permanent way to get the weather trio. One region of legendaries thats definitely up next is Johto. Because there is dex info for the beasts in cafes and the Kanto birds living at the Sea Spirit's Den. That means were definitely getting them in Z. Lugia is the birds trio master and he is called the "Sea Protector." A Hoenn remake/sequel can cover both Hoenn and Sinnoh legendaries. If they wait till 2016 for Hoenn, there will be a dry supply of the weather and creation trio and very hard to get. One fact I know by gut is there waiting for the last game of gen 6 to put in 3 max IV minimum Unova legendaries to protect sales of BW and BW2.

Look at the pokeball icon thats not the Kalos icon when you obtain a legendary from PokeBank. I bet that proves they want to make everything obtainable including all legendaries in gen 6.

You can tell me you can get the legendaries from HGSS and DPP but you can't tell me you can get 3IV versions of them from those games.

So whats the most likely release timeline

Oct 2014 - RS or New Region/Oct 2015-ZXY2
Mar 2015 - RS or New Region/Mar 2016 - ZXY2
Oct 2015 - ZXY2/Oct 2016 - RS or New Region
Oct 2014 - ZXY2/Oct 2015 - RS or New Region
Mar 2015 - ZXY2/Mar 2016 - RS or New Region
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