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Which generic rodent Pokemon-line is your favorite?

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User Info: ILUmoonbaby

3 years ago#21
Fond memories of beating Emerald for the first time with just a Mudkip, Zigzagoon, Poochyena and Sableye, not owning any other Pokemon at all, because I was just too lazy to catch them, and only caught the Sableye because I was having trouble with Brawly otherwise.
They all ended up massively overleveled. Like 70 by the end of the game without me trying to grind them at all. And even though they were all nubby first-route Pokemon I loved them. ;~;
Still have 'em on Pearl version I think. Skippy, Ginny, Ed, and Spookers. Ed was after the aderpable hyena from The Lion King. >_>

FOR GINNY!! I must vote Zigzagoon.
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User Info: jpmark5

3 years ago#22
I just KNEW the Patrat line would have the least votes.
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User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#23
M-Watcher posted...
Bunnelby broke the trend of the generic Normal type being a rodent.

...Sentret/Furret are not rodents.
Zigzagoon and Linoone are not rodents.

User Info: GirlHope

3 years ago#24
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
The_Sol_Blader posted...
Furret is so cute. And mine even beat one of Lance's Dragonite in SS. True story

Nice, though tbh anything can solo Lance's team in HG/SS. Had my Lanturn do just that in my SS.

Nothing irks me more than people who use comments involving Lanturn to bash it, even if in the comment it is clear that said person actually used Lanturn, even while they are demeaning it.

User Info: choicespec

3 years ago#25
Zigzagoon for Pickup. I can't stand Bunnelby.
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User Info: Insanylum13

3 years ago#26
choicespec posted...
Zigzagoon for Pickup. I can't stand Bunnelby.


User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#27
Ferrets, raccoons/tanukis, and bunnies are not rodents.
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User Info: lighting_rock84

3 years ago#28
I actually like Bidoof. It's so cute and dumb looking that I can't hate it. Zigzagoon is close as its a Raccoon.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

3 years ago#29
Rattata because the others do nothing new and had no reason to be created when Rattata was already there before them.

Well, maybe Bibarel and Diggersby for the type difference, but I think Normal/Anything is kind of stupid unless it's something like Girafarig.
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User Info: Companion_Cube_

3 years ago#30
Design? Easily Hoenn

Use? Easily Kalos
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