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Ruby Remake or New Region?

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User Info: ZombieTJ101

3 years ago#1
Pick your choice. One thing that will decide if the secondary region in gen 6 is a new one. Will be the pacing of the anime and when Ash finishes 8 badges. The fool is likely to see all 66 Kalos pokemon by October already.

Clues for Ruby remake/sequel:

Bridgette from PokeBank, could of made new or picked another old character but they picked her. Tell me thats not random.
Is Mega Blaziken for the anime only or a teaser?
Mega Lati@s is definitely an event. When people buy a game with Latios, its probably the way they get Latias by using XY event.
Nintendo released a folder on instagram this month. They say its big news and they can't wait to show us. Besides why does it have a Pokemon 3DS on it?

Clues for a new region:

I bet that souvenir is a battle item like a griseous orb. It can't be transfered in PokeBank so why is it in XY?

User Info: Iwantsandshrew

3 years ago#2
I wonder how the Sapphire fans feel about this topic >_>
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User Info: TableFlip

3 years ago#3
Misread this as "Ruby Remake or New Religion?"
I don't even know anymore.
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User Info: Companion_Cube_

3 years ago#4
Emerald remake.

It's really odd how Emerald was the most popular of it's Gen. 1 was Red, 2 was Gold (right?), 3 Emerald, 4 Diamond, 5, well, I forget, and now it's Y.

Emerald is the only third version.
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User Info: Wallydraigle

3 years ago#5
I'd love a 3rd gen remake. The most compelling "hint" (To me anyway) is that Soul Dew is listed as a banned item in the Battle Maison.
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