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IV Judge

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User Info: Hamiwiful

3 years ago#1
So... the Judge says a lot of good stuff about my Dragonite, but when I checked him in the Serebii IV Calculator it says that it has 3IVs on DEF, but the Judge didnt said the "But with that defense blablabla"

User Info: ElSilverWind

3 years ago#2
The judge will only tell you that your X stat is bad if it has 0 IVs in that stat.
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User Info: OriginallyAlex

3 years ago#3
User error?
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User Info: soccermonkey99

3 years ago#4
I don't think you should put "blablabla" in quotes.
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User Info: Osmok

3 years ago#5
The online calculators aren't 100% perfect. If the judge didn't mention that your def stat was its highest (or was as rad your other max stats) then its not. Still it might be a 30
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