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Heads up on GTS

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User Info: Thaxagoodname

4 years ago#1
Some Japanese guy is trading away Shiny Thundurus for simple dex entries. No doubt that they're cloned but i nabbed two so far for Hitmonlee and Kabutops. Looking at one right now and he's asking for Chikorita
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User Info: Thaxagoodname

4 years ago#2
3DS FC:0344-9828-2704

User Info: Saphirah

4 years ago#3
Not cloned, mass produced by Pokegen.
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User Info: R-A-V

4 years ago#4
There goes the one wanting totodile.

User Info: flametakuya

4 years ago#5
man, not seeing it.....
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User Info: R-A-V

4 years ago#6
It's amazing how people happened to have a level 1-10 meditite. -.-

User Info: OriginallyAlex

4 years ago#7
Wasn't able to find one. :(
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User Info: tathra

4 years ago#9
stuff on GTS goes way, way too fast. there's been at least 20 times that i've seen something i wanted, and as soon as i clicked it and selected for the trade it was already gone.

i've also posted something, done a quick search, and came back to retrieve what i posted so i could trade it and it was already gone.
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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#10
TC wasn't trolling there was one for a Crocknaw and a Meditite.
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