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Your favorite Pokemon? ANY Pokemon? Go!

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User Info: Pokepon

3 years ago#101
Dual screens Klefki!

'Cause its a ring, with keys.

User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#102
Drought Ninetales.

Good-natured sun goddess or bloodthirsty demon? Take your pick.
Current Project: Pokemon Y Egglocke:
3DS FC: 0559-6813-5961

User Info: kirbymariomega

3 years ago#103

User Info: nidoking147

3 years ago#104
Nidoking, the badass look, the raw power, and referring to the anime, THE PINKNESS!!! How can a Pokemon turn pink, and still look so incredible! Ahhh, pinken island...
Pokemon Y Friend Code: 3454-0381-5184
Trust me, I am Nidoking.

User Info: Renalia

3 years ago#105
Normal? If we're all freaks and you're normal, you're the freak. - Roger, CRFH
Playing: Pokemon Y, Diablo III (360), Skyrim.

User Info: wettaco13

3 years ago#106

User Info: Lightflame

3 years ago#107
Infernape, with Tyranitar and Gardevoir close behind it.
Too busy reading my cat books to make a gamer culture joke.

User Info: xCerealSoup

3 years ago#108
Infernape. He's been my favorite ever since I first saw him as a Chimchar and he's basically my perfect pokemon. He fits my play style perfectly, is my two favorite types, is my favorite animal, and he's just so awesome. I named my original Infernape King and my new one in X is a 5IV one named King Jr. My second favorite is definitely Gliscor, followed by Dragonite, Excadrill, Heracross and a few other Pokemon.
3DS Friend Code- 4012 3902 2374

User Info: Glaceongirljo

3 years ago#109
tarzanmx posted...
StarFoxFan1 posted...
PhiEagles824 posted...
Luxray, super badass looking

Same here, but I also like Glaceon and Meowstic

This ^ All of my everything goes to these responses & omg <3 ;
3DS Friend Code: 0791-2846-1177
Friend Safari: Rhydon, Nosepass & Pupitar

User Info: darxus

3 years ago#110
Non legendary: Braixen.
Legendary: Darkrai.

3DS FC: 5215-0434-3377 IGN: lucas
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