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Question about late evolution

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User Info: jayman7

3 years ago#11
Demon_Shark posted...
BR0DE0 posted...
jayman7 posted...
BR0DE0 posted...
I think what he means is that it is all pre calculated. Because the IVs are permanent, and the base states are permanent, there will never be a time where you get +2 in attack, but if you soft resetted and leveled up again you'd get +1 in attack.

*dingdingdingdingding* We have a winner!!!

I'd like to dedicate my award to my mother who was always there to make me sammiches.

Happy new years to all.

And now it makes sense. So your stats at level 30 lets say are already determined as soon as your pokemon hatches! Unless you use an item like the muscle brace I guess but that's whole different factors.

Except for EVs, sorta kinda pretty much in a way.
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User Info: nowgoDie88

3 years ago#12
And I finished EV training the cyndaquil already, so it's all already predetermined. Yes good. He's a level 40 Typhlosion now. After that one run of the elite 4 I mean c: so his stats are the same if he had evolved each time on time because once I finished his super training, his level 100 stats were already determined?
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