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If Pokemon getting Mega Evolution's is solely based on popularity...

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User Info: TheSnubbz

3 years ago#1
Then which batch of Pokémon would you give Mega's to in the next installment?

Here's my quick list just based on what I've personally seen around...

1) Mega Ninetales - Fire/Ghost
2) Mega Aracanine - Fire/Dragon
3) Mega Crobat - Poison/Flying
4) Mega Starmie - Water/Psychic
5) Mega Dragonite - Dragon/Flying
6) Mega Skarmory - Steel/Flying
7) Mega Blissey - Normal/Fairy
8) Mega Breloom - Grass/Fighting
9) Mega Sableye - Dark/Ghost
10) Mega Zangoose - Normal/Fighting
11) Mega Seviper - Poison/Steel
12) Mega Milotic - Water/Fairy
13) Mega Metagross - Steel/Psychic
14) Mega Salamence - Dragon/Flying
15) Mega Toxicroak - Poison/Fighting
16) Mega Togekiss - Fairy/Flying
17) Mega Gallade - Psychic/Fighting

User Info: TheSnubbz

3 years ago#2
Mega Bump!

User Info: Pentao

3 years ago#3
It's not solely on popularity. Popularity was one of three factors <_<
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User Info: neonplanets

3 years ago#4
Mega skarmbliss FTW!

User Info: kirbydude385

3 years ago#5
Fire/Dragon Mega Arcanine

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User Info: TheSnubbz

3 years ago#6
kirbydude385 posted...
Fire/Dragon Mega Arcanine


Wynaut XD

User Info: shadow_bowser

3 years ago#7

Mega Feraligatr (Most wanted) - Water/Dragon + Feral*
Other Mega Starters (Curious to see Mega Swampert, Emboar, Chesnaught, and Torterra)
Mega Dragonite - Flying/Dragon + Tough Claws
Mega Quagsire - Water/Ground + Sap Sipper
Mega Crawdaunt - Water/Dark + Ruffian**
Mega Porygon-Z - Normal + Viral***
Mega Beartic - Ice/Poison + Thick Fat
Mega Clawitzer - Water/Fire + Reload****

*Feral: Beastly instincts are awakened inside the Pokemon. Damage dealt is powered up 2x.
**Ruffian: The Pokemon is a bit rougher than usual. Physical attacks have a 2x higher chance of effect rate.
***Viral: Status problems (Burn, Poison, etc.) have a 25% chance to spread within party.
****Reload: There is a 40% chance that PP of move selected is restored at the end of the turn.

EDIT: Added types and new ability explanation.
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User Info: XialanPANDA

3 years ago#8
Can i add my own? Mega Volcarona. If not, Ninetales definitely

User Info: CaptainRandom1

3 years ago#9
I really want a mega for all of the fossil pokemon.
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User Info: Blackcat0123

3 years ago#10
Metagross needs a mega evolution. With the steel nerf, it deserves one.

Blissey could use one, since it's pretty much outclassed by Evolite Chansey and physical attacks are much more prominent.

Dusknoir NEEDS the mega treatment. It's completely outclassed by it's pre-evo, and it's not worth using. Mega evolution saved Banette and Mawile (that fairy type, tho), and it could help Dusknoir out a lot.

What would the Dragonite mega stone even be called?
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